Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Scotch 101

**Update: We were happy to see us pictured in the Union Club's newsletter, taken during the Scotch Tasting

As mentioned in a previous post, we attended a Scotch Tasting last week and ended up learning a thing or two.

Kelly's notes [above] on Scotches tasted with helpful descriptions [below]

The menu of "courses" paired with each Scotch


Ekko said...

i don't know how you can drink that. tastes like turpentine....

how was the spinto band show?

Kelly & Jose said...

that's a pretty accurate description -- although, one or two of the scotches we tasted were not so bad

and, you can check out our post from january when we saw the Spinto Band perform here

Jennings said...

Man, a scotch tasting . . . that would be dangerous . . . I love that turpentine stuff.