Friday, January 13, 2006

Ultra Grrrl was right. . .

Last night, at Kelly's urging, we were witness to an endearing and energetic performance given by The Spinto Band. Unfortunately, Cleveland decided to suck that night, b/c there were maybe 40 people at the show. Nonetheless, they rocked. Their stage presence was impressive -- especially the lead vocalists, who were reminiscent of both a young David Byrne and that guy from They Might Be Giants. The Spinto Band is super poppy and quirky, but it works. We want to give props to Ultragrrrl -- b/c of her incessant cheerleading, we have been in the know about this band. . .she was right -- and we are glad she was!

Given their ages (ranging from 19-22), as cliche as it might sound, we expect great things to come from them in the near future.

[Mp3] The Spinto Band - Late (Preferred by Jose)
[Mp3] The Spinto Band - Atari (Preferred by Kelly)

Spinto Band's Myspace
Official Website

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