Sunday, January 15, 2006

Soundtrack of our Evening

Our evening started off with Ken and Brad at Aladdin's (mmm, cheap Middle Eastern food). We proceeded to attend the We Are Campfire event (see last post) at Square Records in Highland Square. There we found some great people watching, where we were pleased to see lots of people in attendance. Several cool t-shirts were on display with a unique midwestern theme, especially focusing on Cleveland culture (C-town represent!). Kelly had the opportunity to speak with one of the designers, Andy Taray, who is currently an Art Director for Mtv Networks. Check back at We Are Campfire within the next couple weeks so you can view his sweet designs.

Next we went to La Cave du Vin (aka The Wine Cave) where we drank beer, surprisingly enough. Loose Cannon IPA was a favorite of the evening. They always seem to play good music there -- on this particular evening the soundtrack they provided us with was Stereolab, Air, Jesus and Mary Chain, and others we don't recall b/c we were consumed with alcohol and good conversation.

When we made our way down to the B-side to see Anton Newcombe (pictured above) spin, he was nowhere to be found (which really wasn't that big of a surprise given his reputation for spontaneity). Around 12:15am, Anton was spotted, b/c no one else can pull off a mustache like that! We were pleased with his selections: Joy Division, The Knife, Magnetic Fields, !!!, Kasabian, to name a few. We wanted to stay longer, but hunger called. . .

Thus brings us to our arrival to Panini's. While waiting for our food, "Ruby Soho" came on which prompted Ken and Jose to start rocking out. Since they are *slightly* older than Kelly, it made them nostalgic for their youth.

Magnetic Fields - When my Boy walks down the Street
Joy Division - Love will Tear us Apart
Rancid - Ruby Soho
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Not if you were the last Dandy on Earth


Ken said...

Here are some pictures from the other night:

Kelly is older than Biggie and Tupac.

Anonymous said...

Yummy. I love Aladdin's. You guys are shocking ... BEER at La Cave! Was that weird owner working (ya know, the one that looks like a caveman ... hmm, how appropriate)? Is that mean?