Monday, October 30, 2006

We heart Sofia

Whether it's listening non-stop to the Marie Antoinette Soundtrack, reading (and re-reading) Marc Jacobs interview her in the latest issue of Interview Magazine, or religiously watching Lost in Translation, we just cannot seem to get enough of Sofia Coppola. This perpetual interest is what led us to the discovery of her debut short film titled: Lick the Star. Shot in black and white, this story centers around a cynical clique of 12-yr old girls who devise a secret plan they codename "Lick the Star".

See for yourself, the beginnings of Sofia's career and notice some recurring themes:

[Part I - Lick the Star]
[Part II - Lick the Star]

ps - If you have not already, definitely check out her father's sparkling vino that she inspired: Sofia Blanc De Blancs. Not only does this light wine taste fabulous, it comes packaged in super cute little red cans with plastic straws. Jose is nice enough to surprise me with these when celebrating special occasions :)

[The beautiful picture of Sofia we used above was created by the highly talented guys behind Rubenimichi]

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Top 5 Songs of the Week (Hello Sunshine)

The last few days have been downright awful cold, windy, rain, sleet, hail and very gloomy. It is as if fall decided to sit this one out this year and told winter to have an extended reign. . .

Thankfully, that is not the case today and right now we are loving the fact that we have to squint as typing this post while the sun comes beating down on us thru our living room window. Today we are going to the Browns vs Jets game so hopefully the sun is a sign of good things to come, like a much needed victory for the browns.

5. (mp3) Riding Paper Airplanes - Feathers Hailing from Seattle and catering to both the organic and electro fans in all of us sounding like a combination of M83, Postal Service, and Notwist with David Bazan (aka Pedro the Lion) on vocals.

4. (mp3 ) The Slip -Even Rats These Montreal boys are coming to the States for the next few months touring with The Lovely Feathers and My Morning Jacket. Kelly says they remind her of Third Eye Blind and I say there is nothing wrong with that.

3. (mp3) The Postmarks - Goodbye (Cassettess Won't Listen Remix) A light dream-pop song that is a quick grower, highly recommended for fans of Postal Service and Stars

2. (mp3) Broadcast - Poem of Dead Song We are absolutely loving their latest album, The Future Crayon, this song being one of its highlights

1. (mp3) Matt Pond PA - Snow Day Appropriately off his Winter Songs EP, a beautiful song that's great for blistering cold and snowy days like yesterday (although, technically it was hailing!)

Friday, October 27, 2006

Wine with Coffee and Cigarettes

Earlier this evening was spent at a Wine Tasting featuring Hanzell Vineyards, hosted by the always fabulous Union Club -- we will definitely be sharing our review within the weekend.

Upon our return, we chose a low key Red Guitar Tempranillo to sip while watching one of our favorite films, Coffee and Cigarattes. This wine is perfectly balanced -- a subtle blackberry flavor with a little spice. Important to us, is the fact that this Tempranillo is low on the tannins. Perhaps a little unconventional, but we are pairing this wine with veggies and Amir's hot jalapeno hummus as well as our typical red grapes and baby gouda cheese. Also slightly unconventional, is the fact that we are drinking this red wine in Riedel white wine glasses -- does it truly make that much of a difference? Either way, whether pairing with spicy foods or in "incorrect" glasses, we think that Red Guitar's Tempranillo tastes great (especially for a very reasonable $11.99).

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Great Lakes Brewery Tasting

This evening we will be heading over to The Union Club for their Great Lakes Brewery Tasting. The beer that we will be enjoying (which includes a variety of standard and seasonal selections: Holy Moses White Ale, Dortmunder Gold Lager, Burning River Pale Ale, Eliot Ness Amber Lager, Nasferatu, Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, Christmas Ale, and Blackout Stout) will be paired with food from Cleveland's West Side Market. Throughout the tasting, we will also have the opportunity to listen as co-owner Patrick Conway speaks about his company and the beer it produces.

We are looking forward to learning more about The Great Lakes Brewing Company and have always enjoyed their beers, our most recent favorite being Nasferatu (which is a strong red ale with 8% alc.). If you have not tried any of the Great Lakes beers yet, we would highly recommend doing so -- and if you live in the area, you should definitely stop by for a drink or dinner at their Brew Pub, which is located right off W. 25th in Ohio City. Not only is the beer fantastic, their soft preztels are absolutely amazing!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tonight: Rock Hall Exhibit

Tonight, if you so choose to, you have the opportunity to preview for FREE the new exhibit on The Clash @ The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame all you have to do is fill out this form. This event has been organized by Brain Gain, which provides great networking opportunties for the citiy's young professionals here in c-town. This event starts @ 5:30pm and runs til 8pm, there will be a cash bar and some light hors d'oeuvres being served. We shall see you there.

(mp3) The Clash - I fought the law (have you ever heard Colin Farrell's version during the closing credits for Intermission?)

(mp3) The Clash - Rudie Can't Fall (have you ever heard the saves the day cover? yeah...)

Recent Flicks

Throughout the summer we were so consumed by the abundance of shows that came through Cleveland that we unknowingly neglected one of our other favorite pasttimes: film. However, over the past month or so we have made a conscious effort to divert our focus to this area:

Marie Antoinette [Trailer]

A banging soundtrack provided the perfect landscape to this visually captivating film about an important part of history without seeming like a history lesson. Excellent performance especially by Ms. Dunst and amusing ones by Steve Coogan, Rip Torn, and Jason Schwartzman.

Half Nelson [Trailer]

A favorite of the year -- that provides another strong soundtrack (driven by the likes of Broken Social Scene). Should help catapoult Ryan Gosling's career, reminding us of a young Ed Norton. The performances and developments of the characters actually make you care about them and more importantly: connect with them.

The Last Kiss [Trailer]

An extreme disappointment. Predictable and lame soundtrack. A "date movie" that we would highly recommend not seeing while on a date. We despised every character more and more as the movie progressed, with exception of Jacinda Barrett's (from the Real World London) -- if that tells you anything!

Science of Sleep [Trailer]

Extremly entertaining on various levels. Yet another strong performance by Gael Garcia Bernel. Makes us smile even weeks after seeing it. Increases our love for Michel Gondry. Given the sleep deprived lives we lead, we can definitely relate to the film's recurring theme of blurring reality with dreams.

Although we weren't necessarily impressed, it should be at least noted that the below films were the first (and last) that we've rented in quite some time:

Shop Girl [Trailer]

The fact that we were more excited than anything else about Mark Kozelek's (of Sun Kil Moon and Red House Painters) cameo appearance should speak volumes about the way we felt about the rest of the film. Unfortunately, this movie movie was so awkward that we could barely bring ourselves to watch it in its entirety.

I Love Your Work [Trailer]

Including a random and somewhat interesting ensemble (including Joshua Jackson's amusing attempt to portray an indie film student). But, for as much star power (Vince Vaugn, Jason Lee, Christina Ricci, Elvis Costello, Giovanni Ribisi, Franka Potente, the list goes on) as there was in the cast, there was no fire power in the script. Although we didn't necessarily like the movie, it is something we won't soon forget.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


At the end of our evening, it was nice to be welcomed home by a lovely bottle of BV Century Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is currently being complimented by these very amazing Dark Chocolate Raisinets we both have fallen in love with. This Cab possesses notes of blackberry, cherry, and dried spice -- fruit forward yet dry, creating a pleasant balance. If not having this wine as a night cap as we are, you can pair this wine with a nice prime rib.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tonight: Marie Antoinette

This evening we are going to check out Sofia Coppola's latest film, Marie Antoinette. Although this movie has yielded mixed reviews, we have a feeling that the music and cinematography should be great on its own -- not to mention the fact that the film was shot on location at the Palace of Versailles.

Prior to viewing Marie Antoinette, we are going to head over to Thorn Creek Winery & Gardens, which just opened a couple weeks ago and randomly happens to be located down the street from us. We're going to have a glass of wine in the Tasting Room and just see how it goes -- either way we'll definitely be posting about our thoughts on it soon. . .


[Mp3] The Strokes - What Ever Happened? As heard in the current US trailer

[Mp3] New Order - Age of Consent As heard in the initial trailer teaser

Have a great night!

Top 5 Songs of The Week!!

Before we begin our day and try to salvage what is left of our fall season, we wanted to leave you with our Top Five Songs:

5. [Mp3] Bella - Didn't Mean to Break our Love Back in January we posted about this band, their sound has changed (yet maintaining their poppy-ness) as evidence by this song while definitely making us think of Stars

4. [Mp3] Lily Allen vs. The Stone Roses - Water The good mash-ups are hard to come by these days, but this one definitely redeems the "genre"

3. [Mp3] Letter & Colours - Chasing the Bull A catchy song, sounding as if Ian Curtis is fronting Sonic Youth

2. [Mp3] Peasant - Those Days aka Damien DeRose, gives us "minimal and oft-gorgeous folk songs in all their modest glory" in the vein of James Mercer of the Shins

1. [Mp3] Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins - Fernando It's so nice to hear catchy new material from these ladies, reminding us how much we loved seeing their live performance a couple weeks ago

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wolf Like Me

I am not going to even pretend I've been a Tv on the Radio fan this whole time, but recently I've had the opportunity to listen to their second album "Return to Cookie Mountain" and I think it is one of my favorite records of the year. I've been in the mood for some beautiful dark art rock and this album hits the spot. This morning my friend Mike and I were actually talking at work about how the song "Wolf Like Me" is the new "Staring At The Sun." This can be verified by the fact that "Wolf Like Me" has already been used in a Samsung K5 commercial and on the NBC show "Friday Night Lights." You may also recall that Tv on the Radio's "Staring At The Sun" was used in an episode of Entourage last season, as well Breaking Bonaduce and as well at Karl Lagerfeld's Fall/Winter 2004-2005 Chanel couture fashion show.

Check out their awesome video for "Wolf Like Me"
(update: this is the correct video now!)

Bonus: The Samsung K5 Commercial with the aforementioned song

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bill Groundhog-Day,Ghostbustin'-ass Murray!

This is straight from : Bill Murray : What "urban" types call people they don't know by name. Based on the "Bill Murray" skit starring Wu-Tang Clan's RZA and GZA (and, of course, Bill Murray) in the Jim Jarmusch movie "Coffee and Cigarettes". I mention this because at work my friend Adam calls our friend (Michael) Bill Murray. He will be like "what's happenin Bill Murray?" Below is the aforementioned skit (Delirium) from the awesome Coffee and Cigarettes by Akron's own (yes he is not from c-town but close enough) Jim Jarmusch.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Top 5 songs of the week (BEARS & SALSA)

I don't really know what is going on in your neck of the woods but this is what is happening with us this weekend. Sarah (one of Kelly's best friends) is in town from Chi-town visiting Kelly and the girls are off together today enjoying Tremont and other parts of the city. Then tonight we are going to meet up down in Coventry for the first ever headlining show for BEARS! @ The Grog Shop. The show starts @ 9pm and the costs is 6 dollars. This is an all local bill with openers Poor Sailor, To Be a High Powered Excutive, and JJ Magazine. Before I head over to meet up with them, I am going to be attending the 4th Annual Viva La Salsa event @ The IX center. This is an excellent fundraiser for the great local educational Latino organization Esperanza. The cost of the event is $25 and it starts @ 7pm, running until 12am -- for more info go here.

5. (mp3) Don't Give Up (On Your Man) - No Wait Wait This side project of Alan Sparkhawk from low, makes guitar driven pop like wilco, built to spill and my morning jacket.

4. (mp3) Little People - The Grates This Australian 3 piece makes songs that sound like early 80's punk rock mixed with parts of deerhoof and le tigre.

3. (mp3) Lazy Bones - Brown Recluse Sings These philly boys bring to mind the sounds of the zombies, the kinks and acid house kings. I'd love to see them play with BEARS.

2. (mp3) Vans (Diplo's Till Infinity mix - The Pack Diplo takes The Pack's Vans Song and places it on top of the awesome 93 till infitiy by souls of mischief, just awesome.

1. (mp3) Golden Years - David Bowie I love this song and I've been hearing it a lot lately, so enjoy.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yay for Celeb Matches

The other day, Jose and I got an absolutely hilarious email from Marisa (Jose's youngest sister) telling us which celebrities we looked like according to a website called MyHeritage. All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself (or even a picture of multiple people) and MyHeritage runs a facial recognition program that will display which celebs you look like and the percentage of "facial recognition certainty" for each celebrity match. As you can imagine, spending time on MyHeritage was highly entertaining -- we couldn't stop laughing. . .especially at the matches that Jose got -- LL Cool J and Carson Daly are somewhat understandable, but Serena Williams and Dave Chappelle?! haha. Also, not only was it cool to see which celebrities we each look like from one particular picture, it was even more interesting to see which celebs reoccurred from uploading multiple pictures of ourselves. Speaking of which, I think Emma Watson came up a match on every picture for Jose. . .

Check out our matches and then see for yourself:

Hooray for Wednesday!

The last couple of days have not been so hot so hopefully today does not follow suit. I am about to eat some breakfast but before I do I thought i'd give you a nice slice of accoustic Lilly Allen doing "LDN" that should help put the best foot fwd, enjoy

Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Columbus Day

Good morning all. Since today is Columbus Day and I work at a bank that is the reason I am not at work. I am going to bring you the top 5 ( well it is just now 3) list I meant to give you last week but just never had a chance to get a round to doing.

3. ( mp3) Her Own Conversation - Lolita Bras This New York band brings to mind some of the best parts of the 80's (u2 and the cure) with early 90's (oasis, ride) produced by Eli Janney.

2. (mp3) Magical Mind - Harvee This Montreal band brings to mind the sounds of Belle & Sebastian, Architecture in Helsinki and Broken Social Scene. been stuck in my head for weeks.

1. (mp3) If you rescue me - Chanson Des Chats great song from The Science of Sleep.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Time for a Celebration

Tonight our week will be rounded out by heading down to Coventry for the 3rd anniversary Party for B-Side liquor Lounge. The VIP portion of the party will be from 8-10pm with free Stella Artois and Ciroc Vodka along with hour devours from Vivo, Boulevard Blue and Pacific East. Then after that we are heading over to The Mont to check out The Tree House and 806.

Kelly suggested this jam to get your party started right tonight. I think it should do the trick.

(mp3) Sunglasses Told Me (team9 remix) - The Killers vs. Corey Hart

Friday, October 06, 2006

A Fall Friday

We've been out and out about the last 3 nights, going to just lay tonight. I am looking fwd to doing nothing and having a nice top 5 to share tommorow. For now I will leave you with this great collaboration Trent Reznor + Peter Murphy (Bahaus) and Tv On The Radio. Sadly Tv on The Radio are not coming to c-town this tour.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bier + Jenny Lewis

Today it goes like this, first we are heading over to Bier Markt after work to check out the latest opening at their Kunstwerk Gallery. They will be showing the work of Italian photographer Paolo Pansera, he gives his own interpretation of music through his pictures taken from the East side of the globe. This starts @ 6pm there will be complimentary wine and cheese. There will also be Grey Goose happy hour.

After we hit up the opening we will be heading to the HOB to check out Ms. Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins. Also tonight we won't be be able to attend but La Cave Du Vin is having a wine tasting.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I wanna be your J-Lo

Tonight @ The Beachland Ballroom we are going to see one of the best tours this fall, C.S.S. and Ladytron. Doors open @ 8pm show starts @ 9pm see you there. Enjoy these videos by them to get you pumped for the show.

Ladyton - Sugar

C.S.S. - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death from Above

Monday, October 02, 2006

Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Back in 2004, when Marisa (my sister) and I were visiting our sister (Becky) in Dublin, Ireland we wanted to get some local music. My little sister, Marisa asked Paul (Becky's boyfriend at the time, now husband) what she should get. He suggested that she purchase Rodrigo Y Gabriela live in Dublin and Manchester. We had no idea what that was but Marisa went ahead and purchased the album based on his advice. When we listened to the album we were both blown away. Rodrigo Y Gabriela are a duo from Mexico and now hail in Dublin, Ireland. They play very fast flamenco guitar. They like to cover hard rock and heavy metal arists like Led Zepplin and Metalica in addition to playing their own compositions. They are currently on a U.S. tour and will be on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic show tommorow and on Friday they will be on the The Late Late show with Craig Ferguson on CBS.

(mp3) Stairway to Heaven - Rodrigo Y Gabriela (Led Zepplin Cover)