Monday, October 30, 2006

We heart Sofia

Whether it's listening non-stop to the Marie Antoinette Soundtrack, reading (and re-reading) Marc Jacobs interview her in the latest issue of Interview Magazine, or religiously watching Lost in Translation, we just cannot seem to get enough of Sofia Coppola. This perpetual interest is what led us to the discovery of her debut short film titled: Lick the Star. Shot in black and white, this story centers around a cynical clique of 12-yr old girls who devise a secret plan they codename "Lick the Star".

See for yourself, the beginnings of Sofia's career and notice some recurring themes:

[Part I - Lick the Star]
[Part II - Lick the Star]

ps - If you have not already, definitely check out her father's sparkling vino that she inspired: Sofia Blanc De Blancs. Not only does this light wine taste fabulous, it comes packaged in super cute little red cans with plastic straws. Jose is nice enough to surprise me with these when celebrating special occasions :)

[The beautiful picture of Sofia we used above was created by the highly talented guys behind Rubenimichi]

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