Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tonight: Marie Antoinette

This evening we are going to check out Sofia Coppola's latest film, Marie Antoinette. Although this movie has yielded mixed reviews, we have a feeling that the music and cinematography should be great on its own -- not to mention the fact that the film was shot on location at the Palace of Versailles.

Prior to viewing Marie Antoinette, we are going to head over to Thorn Creek Winery & Gardens, which just opened a couple weeks ago and randomly happens to be located down the street from us. We're going to have a glass of wine in the Tasting Room and just see how it goes -- either way we'll definitely be posting about our thoughts on it soon. . .


[Mp3] The Strokes - What Ever Happened? As heard in the current US trailer

[Mp3] New Order - Age of Consent As heard in the initial trailer teaser

Have a great night!

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SnogAsh said...

Was the movie good?