Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bier + Jenny Lewis

Today it goes like this, first we are heading over to Bier Markt after work to check out the latest opening at their Kunstwerk Gallery. They will be showing the work of Italian photographer Paolo Pansera, he gives his own interpretation of music through his pictures taken from the East side of the globe. This starts @ 6pm there will be complimentary wine and cheese. There will also be Grey Goose happy hour.

After we hit up the opening we will be heading to the HOB to check out Ms. Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins. Also tonight we won't be be able to attend but La Cave Du Vin is having a wine tasting.


Anonymous said...

jenny lewis over sunset rubdown at the beachland? I dunno.. its a tough choice, but I have to say I'd go with Sunset Rubdown.

Kelly said...

We already saw Sunset Rubdown earlier this year, so it was an easy choice :)

However, even if that wasn't the case we definitely would have chosen JL over SR. . .