Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bill Groundhog-Day,Ghostbustin'-ass Murray!

This is straight from urbandictionary.com : Bill Murray : What "urban" types call people they don't know by name. Based on the "Bill Murray" skit starring Wu-Tang Clan's RZA and GZA (and, of course, Bill Murray) in the Jim Jarmusch movie "Coffee and Cigarettes". I mention this because at work my friend Adam calls our friend (Michael) Bill Murray. He will be like "what's happenin Bill Murray?" Below is the aforementioned skit (Delirium) from the awesome Coffee and Cigarettes by Akron's own (yes he is not from c-town but close enough) Jim Jarmusch.


Oberon said...

......you are fabulous.

Ken said...

Check out the Rushmore Dvd extras, Wes Anderson's brother does a documentary and on it Bill bitches him out for wearing his tie goofy. He's like "if you're going to wear a tie, you have it to wear it right!" and he's not joking at all. It's awesome, I hate it when people wear ties wrong.