Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Columbus Day

Good morning all. Since today is Columbus Day and I work at a bank that is the reason I am not at work. I am going to bring you the top 5 ( well it is just now 3) list I meant to give you last week but just never had a chance to get a round to doing.

3. ( mp3) Her Own Conversation - Lolita Bras This New York band brings to mind some of the best parts of the 80's (u2 and the cure) with early 90's (oasis, ride) produced by Eli Janney.

2. (mp3) Magical Mind - Harvee This Montreal band brings to mind the sounds of Belle & Sebastian, Architecture in Helsinki and Broken Social Scene. been stuck in my head for weeks.

1. (mp3) If you rescue me - Chanson Des Chats great song from The Science of Sleep.

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