Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tonight : Ohio City is how we do!

And this is How it goes... Right now The Indians have won 6 in a row and are in 1st (wahoo!), The Cavs are up 2-0 (soon to be 3-0 after tonight ) in their 1st round playoff series against The Wiz and The Browns did not draft Brady Quinn (Welcome to Cleveland Joe Thomas!). Tonight we are heading to dine (celebrating my B-day) @ Light Bistro and then we will be getting tipsy down the street @ Touch for their monthly Classic Hip Hop Extravaganza featuring Mick Boogie, Terry Urban and Jugoe.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Top 5 songs of last week (sorry we've been busy)

As of late there has just not been any time to work on the blog but today that is not the case. So here is a long over due Top 5 post.

5. Superdrag - Doctors are Dead Superdrag are back!! well sort of... this song is from their new b-sides record, I used to love these guys back in the day.

4. Shapes and Sizes - Alone/Alive this Canadian quartet makes unique sounding pop with great guitar riffs that brings to mind the sounds of Elephant 6 and Deerhoof.

3. Shit Disco - Reactor Party These Scots are making indie/punk/funk/new rave music that everyone is talking about these days. We are in that camp, as we too are feelin them.

2. Matt Lutz - Took Me a While We got this great single last week and we can't stop listening to it, this song is a great piece of indie pop. Matt is the lead singer of the San Francisco band The Herms. We will post about him some more very soon.

1. Built to Spill - You Were Right We are sooo excited that they are going to be playing The Grog on July 2nd. We also love this song from their awesome album "Keep it like a secret"

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Top 5 Songs of The Week (Lazy Saturday)

I've felt totally uninspired and totally distracted by the Tribe game while trying to write this post but we got some good songs for you this week. I also want to bring to your attention two great events going down tonight. Here is what is good for you C-town:

1. Bears are having their CD release show @ The Beachland for their new EP called "Shortest Day of the year". This is their first show back in town since their recent March/SXSW tour. Show starts @ 9pm the cost is $5 and the openers are His Hideous Heart (from c-town) and Southeast Engine (from Athens, Ohio)

2. Party Too? @ Touch Supper Club tonight @ 10pm come out and see three rooms of the best DJs spinning House, Electro, Rap, and whatevs. Our boy Good Life Mike goes on 1st. We missed the last one because we were out of town but we won't be missing this one because it is sure to be a PARTY!

and now on to the music...

5. (mp3) The Icicles - La Tia Da this quintet from Grand Rapids, Michigan makes beautiful indie pop in the vein of Camera Obsecura. You can catch them on tour this spring with Casper and The Cookies coming to The Beachland on May 2nd.

4. (mp3) Coyote Bones - 39 Forever This duo enlisted some serious help on their debut record with Saddle Creek's finest : Maria Tayor, members from Bright Eyes, The Good Life, The Faint, Desparacidos and Tilly and Wall all lending their talents. The result is a sound that takes 8o's sounding synths and combines them with accoustic guitars to create some great indie pop.

3. (mp3) Gold Rush - Everyone Of Us They hail from Oxford, England. This song is from their 3rd long player called " The Heart is a place" it brings to mind the sounds of Wilco, Grandaddy and The Flaming lips mashed beautifully together

2. (mp3) Reverie Sound Revue - An Anniversary Away (demo) this unsigned band from all over Canada features Lisa Lobsinger who also has sung in Broken Social Scene as a member. They make fun, jazzy, electro pop. Check out this great video for the track we are featuring here.

1. (mp3) Idlewild - Love Steals Us From Loneliness (accoustic) just beautiful :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Harrison Bergeron

Yesterday I was saddened to hear @ the passing of Mr. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. I learned that earlier this year he fell and suffered a brain injury and as a result he was never the same. He along with J.D. Salinger were (and still are) two of favorite authors. Kurt Vonnegut's short story "Harrison Bergeron" is one of my favorite stories ever. If you have never read Harrison Bergeron I advise you to do so and you can do so here. It is a short story where the goverment punishes anyone for individualism becauase they want to have a world wide society of equality. Read here to see what Mr. Vonnegut himself has to say about the story. I first read this story back in 7th grade and it has left such a lasting impresion that it still resonates within me today. Here is a site that shows the impact that Kurt Vonnegut had on pop culture, bands etc.

Back in 1995 Showtime adapted Harrison Bergeron into a film featuring Sean Austin as Harrison Bergeron. Check out the youtube clip below from the movie.

And one can't forget the great Snapcase song Harrison Bergeron back in college when I used to listen to Snapcase. I used to play this song often when I was on the air during my shifts @ WMCO.

(mp3 ) Snapcase - Harrison Bergeron

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Top 5 Songs of The Week (Please Stop Snowing!)

It is now April 7th and as I sit here and look outside it looks like it should be February 7th or even March 7th but this is not April 7th weather. Here in c-town back on tuesday it was 80 and now this, you gotta love spring in the midwest. At least summer is on the way right? Well here are some songs enjoy

5.(mp3) RJD2 - Ghostwriter this native of C-bus is on tour this spring with Bus Driver. They are coming to the Grog on the 19th of this month. I really like this song remember a few years ago when it was in that Saturn commerical?

4. (mp3) Cyndi Lauper - Goonies R Good Enough They are showing Goonies today @ Chagrin Cinemas @ 2pm you should go if you in the area it is only $5. This is one of my favorite 80's song and movies.

3. (mp3) Bang Gang - Find what you get is the brainchild of Iceland's Bardi Johannson. He makes music that is atmospheric, reflective, dreamy and melancholy all that same time.

2. (mp3) The Teenagers - Scarlet Johannson this French Duo is mixing some badest remixes these days for the likes of Au Revoir Simone, Blacks Ghosts and New Young Pony Club. Check out an original track from them.

1. (mp3) Joe Jackson - Steppin Out from the forthcoming DJ Kicks series this time featuring Hot Chip due out May. Also just a great 80's tune.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


While watching the Cavs game, we are currently enjoying a lovely blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec provided by Argentina's Staccato with artisan cheese and crackers. After the game we are going to attempt to finally watch Pan's Labyrinth (so generously burned for us by a friend) and are definitely looking forward to Human Giant's premiere at 10:30pm EST on MTV.

For now, definitely check out the below hilarious "Illusionators" Skit by Human Giant:

Monday, April 02, 2007

Finally Opening Day is here! :)

Today is the day I have been waiting for all year opening day. The season begins for The Tribe this afternoon @ 2:05pm est @ U.S. Celluar Field in Chi-town as they take on their hated division rivial The Chicago White Sox. Many publications are saying the Indians are a darkhorse this year to make win their division and even make it back to The World Series for the first time since 1997. While I don't want to get my hopes up too high I am confident that we are going to be playing in the post season once this season is over. Here is a video I found on you tube to help you get pumped for the game today. GO TRIBE!!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Tonight : @ The Beachland Ballroom, Neko Case is Sold Out!

This evening, we have the pleasure of seeing Neko Case playing amidst a sold out crowd at The Beachland Ballroom. If somehow you are not yet a fan of her sultry and soulful songs, definitely check out the following favorites of ours:

[Mp3] Neko Case - A Widow's Toast
[Mp3] Neko Case - Hold On, Hold On
[Mp3] Neko Case - If You Knew
[Mp3] Neko Case - The Tigers Have Spoken