Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bye Bye CoCo

Good afternoon ladies and gents. I am currently enjoying the sounds of Very Best of Frank Sinatra on this uncharacteristically beautiful (51 degrees and sunny) day here in Cleveland Ohio. Yesterday/this morning, The Inidans finally completed the Trade Of CoCo Crisp, Josh Bard and David Riske for Andy Marte, Kelly Shoppach, Guillermo Mota, and a player to be named later. I know alot of people here are unhappy about this trade, but I think it is good for our organization. I am in no way happy to see CoCo go. At the same time I always felt that Bard and Riske were nothing special, so I am glad to get rid of them. Plus, people have to realize in order to get something you have to give up to something, just remember the Bartlo Colon trade.

I am also optimistic that Franklin Guiterez (who we got when we traded for Milton Bradley) is going to have a shot to crack our outfield now. I think we are going to take a step backwards this year, but it is going to make us a better team 2007. I know a lot of Cleveland Fans are so sick of the wait for next year, it unfortunately is a slogan for us, but I like to think when finally do get our championship it is going to make that much sweeter for us after all. Of course many people think I am crazy for thinking this way and think the Cleveland Curse will stop us from winning it all, but if Boston and Chicago can why can't we? Here are two songs for you two enjoy:

( mp3 ) Frank Sinatra - luck be a lady (because of sunny optimism about the tribe's future)

(mp3 ) Stellastarr* - My Coco (because Boston has our CoCo Crisp now)

Friday, January 27, 2006

it sure does not feel like winter

It is me, Jose. Kelly is away this weekend visiting her sister @ her Alma Mater. That means I will have a lot of time on my hands. This is the first post I have entered by myself, hence why it is not up to stuff, I apologize for that. I can't believe that today is the 20th anniversary of the Challenger Explosion. That makes me feel very old. I know some of you are probaly too young to even remember it (let me know if you remember where you were when it occurred). I was 7 years old and I was sitting in my second grade class @ Boulevard Elementary School in Shaker Heights. I remember it so vividly because we were watching the launch on tv in our classroom.

Everyone was very excited about that particular mission because Christa McAuliffe (a teacher from New Hampshire) was to be the first teacher in space. Unfortunately, she never made it because the spaceshuttle challenger exploded and it was over in an instant and then my teacher just turned the tv off and had us go back to work. Sadly, in life sometimes when tragedy happens we just move on to the next task in order to keep our minds off what just happened. Here is a cover song about another space tragedy.

( mp3 ) Space Oddity from The Life Aquatic - Studio Sessions featuring Seu Jorge (iTunes Exclusive) this is a bonus a track from that session.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Feeling Lethargic

We are lazy and just wanted to post a couple mp3's. Tomorrow we'll talk about Brokeback Mountain and cool bands you should be checking out on MySpace. That's all for now, we need a rest (and so do our livers).

[Mp3] Bella - Crystal Tears Thanks to Six Eyes for turning us onto them. It's catchy and fun, reminding us of The French Kicks mixed with a little Better Than Ezra. Check out more songs on their MySpace and Official Website where there is a definite 80's influence.

[Mp3] Penny Century - I Water Plants Such a beautiful song to wake up to in the morning. Dreams of Horses steered us their way, also providing the link to Penny Century's EP, you can download for free here.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mucho Mas

We stayed out late on a school night and saw We Are Scientists put on a great show yesterday. . .there were moments where we didn't know whether we'd make it, but once WAS got on stage, we quickly got our 2nd wind. Their set was highly entertaining and energetic. Also, the band Oxford Collapse opened and did a fine job.

Throughout the show Kelly attempted to take pictures, but it seemed as though there was an unfortunate number of tall people standing directly in front of the stage (which sits fairly low to the ground). . .But, you should definitely check out this very accurate review here (compliments of Web Vomit) from WAS's Detroit show this past Monday with good pictures, set lists, and commentary.

Enjoy these favorites off the new album, With Love and Squalor:

[Mp3] We Are Scientists - Lousy Reputation

[Mp3] We Are Scientists - Can't Lose

Check out this song by Oxford Collapse we especially enjoyed:

[Mp3] Oxford Collapse - The Boys Go Home

This awning is from the old Grog Shop when it was located further down on Coventry, which now resides in the merch section of the new Grog Shop

WAS's witty Chris Cain, reminding Kelly of her previous engineering classmates while Jose appreciates how he rocks the sports goggles ala Eric Dickerson


WAS and Oxford Collapse doing their rendition of the oldie, "Be My Baby"

(Note: if anyone has a live recording of this, please let us know!)

Monday, January 16, 2006

Walk the Line

Just because we're thrilled that Walk the Line received the recognition it deserves at the Golden Globes this evening, with both Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon winning for their performances. . .

Who would have thought that Reese and Joaquin would make it as far as they have, especially upon our first impression of each -- respectively, in Fear and To Die For. . .well, Jose remembers Joaquin from Russkies, but that is just b/c he is old ;)

In honor of The Man in Black:

Johnny Cash - Walk the Line (Live at San Quentin)

Joaquin Phoenix - Walk the Line

To find the results of other Golden Globe winners click here.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Soundtrack of our Evening

Our evening started off with Ken and Brad at Aladdin's (mmm, cheap Middle Eastern food). We proceeded to attend the We Are Campfire event (see last post) at Square Records in Highland Square. There we found some great people watching, where we were pleased to see lots of people in attendance. Several cool t-shirts were on display with a unique midwestern theme, especially focusing on Cleveland culture (C-town represent!). Kelly had the opportunity to speak with one of the designers, Andy Taray, who is currently an Art Director for Mtv Networks. Check back at We Are Campfire within the next couple weeks so you can view his sweet designs.

Next we went to La Cave du Vin (aka The Wine Cave) where we drank beer, surprisingly enough. Loose Cannon IPA was a favorite of the evening. They always seem to play good music there -- on this particular evening the soundtrack they provided us with was Stereolab, Air, Jesus and Mary Chain, and others we don't recall b/c we were consumed with alcohol and good conversation.

When we made our way down to the B-side to see Anton Newcombe (pictured above) spin, he was nowhere to be found (which really wasn't that big of a surprise given his reputation for spontaneity). Around 12:15am, Anton was spotted, b/c no one else can pull off a mustache like that! We were pleased with his selections: Joy Division, The Knife, Magnetic Fields, !!!, Kasabian, to name a few. We wanted to stay longer, but hunger called. . .

Thus brings us to our arrival to Panini's. While waiting for our food, "Ruby Soho" came on which prompted Ken and Jose to start rocking out. Since they are *slightly* older than Kelly, it made them nostalgic for their youth.

Magnetic Fields - When my Boy walks down the Street
Joy Division - Love will Tear us Apart
Rancid - Ruby Soho
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Not if you were the last Dandy on Earth

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Winter Warmth

This evening we are going to an event hosted by Andy Taray (aka Ohio Boy) over at Square Records. If you have an appreciation for random t-shirts, good music, and happen to live in the Cleveland/Akron area you should check it out: We Are Campfire

Just because these songs never seem to get old. . .

Death Cab for Cutie - Bad Reputation
Freedy Johnson - Bad Reputation

Stars - Ageless Beauty
Stars - Ageless Beauty (Most Serene Republic remix)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Best of Now!

Last April, we went to a memorable show. First off, the line-up was extremely unique: Harmar Superstar (we're both scarred for life!), Maria Taylor (who Kelly was frothing at the mouth to see, since she is a huge Azure Ray fan), and Ben Lee (honestly, we assure you, we are NOT obsessed with him!). To make a long story short, Harmar was scary, and Maria Taylor was pissed off b/c there were like 10 people there. As a result, Kelly thought that Maria Taylor would ban Cleveland from her future tour plans forEVER. However, low and behold, Mates of States are coming to C-town April 9th at the Beachland Ballroom with none other than Miss Maria Taylor herself :)

Mates of States - Fraud in the 80's (Highest of Recommendations!) This song is so infectious that once you start listening to it, you cannot stop! Special thanks to Kristi

Maria Taylor - Song Beneath the Song A favorite off of her debut, 11:11

Ultra Grrrl was right. . .

Last night, at Kelly's urging, we were witness to an endearing and energetic performance given by The Spinto Band. Unfortunately, Cleveland decided to suck that night, b/c there were maybe 40 people at the show. Nonetheless, they rocked. Their stage presence was impressive -- especially the lead vocalists, who were reminiscent of both a young David Byrne and that guy from They Might Be Giants. The Spinto Band is super poppy and quirky, but it works. We want to give props to Ultragrrrl -- b/c of her incessant cheerleading, we have been in the know about this band. . .she was right -- and we are glad she was!

Given their ages (ranging from 19-22), as cliche as it might sound, we expect great things to come from them in the near future.

[Mp3] The Spinto Band - Late (Preferred by Jose)
[Mp3] The Spinto Band - Atari (Preferred by Kelly)

Spinto Band's Myspace
Official Website

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Alright, my Brotha

This evening was spent at Cedar Lee Theater, where we viewed the 81 minute long film: The Squid and the Whale. Expectations were fairly low since it had been quite some time since we were impressed by anything seen in recent months. However, this movie was just what we needed.

It was refreshing to see a film that not only made you laugh, but made you feel something -- anymore, truly caring about the fictional characters is quite rare. Plus, we could relate to the characters, both of us growing up in the 80's -- Jose especially relating to the spastic little boy with a foul mouth, Frank! Although, thankfully neither of our parents are separated.

Definitely check it out. . .

Official website


We cannot neglect to mention the recent engagement of Kelly's little sister, Erin, and future brother-in-law, Todd. He popped the question on Christmas night and through tears (of joy) she said, "yes." They are planning the wedding as we speak, which is slated for early September of this year.

And, in honor of this occasion, we're posting Erin's favorite song of the moment:
Shout Out Louds - Very Loud

Monday, January 09, 2006

We're Baaack, biatches!!!

So, we have returned from beautiful southwestern Florida to the land of no sun. We will have some pictures of our trip to share soon, but for now we will offer a few tidbits of information. First off, this evening we are enjoying a buzz off the fabulous Pinot Noir by Francis Coppola, [Silver Label]: this wonderful wine goes well with pasta, olives, cheese and salad. We can't really tell you what it tastes like it but it goes down very easy and has no tannins. Infact, the bottle is gone less than 2 hours after opening it -- you can't ask for a better endorsement than that. It retails for about $15.

Next -- from the guy who brought you the movie: Funny Haha, Andrew Bujalski, comes his next tale of post-college self discovery titled: Mutual Appreciation. This story is of a hipster who comes to Brooklyn with the rock, but without a band. Unfortunately, Mutual Appreciation has no distribution as of yet -- however, you can purchase the movie here. Initially, we were introduced to the film, Funny Haha, upon the recommendation of a friend (thanks, Sarah M. Roos) this past August. Coincidentally, less than a week later, we stumbled upon the flick on the Sundance Channel. It will be interesting to see whether Mutual Appreciation will be picked up at Sundance like Funny Haha was last year. You may or may not know whether Funny Haha's soundtrack was done by Bishop Allen, where one of their guitarists, Chris Rudder, played the love interest. Speaking of Bishop Allen, we are especially excited to see their friends, We are Scientists, perform a week from tomorrow at the Grog Shop. That's all for now. . .