Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mucho Mas

We stayed out late on a school night and saw We Are Scientists put on a great show yesterday. . .there were moments where we didn't know whether we'd make it, but once WAS got on stage, we quickly got our 2nd wind. Their set was highly entertaining and energetic. Also, the band Oxford Collapse opened and did a fine job.

Throughout the show Kelly attempted to take pictures, but it seemed as though there was an unfortunate number of tall people standing directly in front of the stage (which sits fairly low to the ground). . .But, you should definitely check out this very accurate review here (compliments of Web Vomit) from WAS's Detroit show this past Monday with good pictures, set lists, and commentary.

Enjoy these favorites off the new album, With Love and Squalor:

[Mp3] We Are Scientists - Lousy Reputation

[Mp3] We Are Scientists - Can't Lose

Check out this song by Oxford Collapse we especially enjoyed:

[Mp3] Oxford Collapse - The Boys Go Home

This awning is from the old Grog Shop when it was located further down on Coventry, which now resides in the merch section of the new Grog Shop

WAS's witty Chris Cain, reminding Kelly of her previous engineering classmates while Jose appreciates how he rocks the sports goggles ala Eric Dickerson


WAS and Oxford Collapse doing their rendition of the oldie, "Be My Baby"

(Note: if anyone has a live recording of this, please let us know!)


Kristi Joy said...

awww you is the best. I have to live vicariously through other peoples' music scenes, since my own city's seems to have died in the last few months. Oh well, Rogue Wave will be here in March, I just have to hang on til then.

Anonymous said...

Eric Dickerson is da bomb

SnogAsh said...

Thanks for the WAS cd. Your praise of it is well directed.

Ekko said...

We are scientists may be theh best band around right now.

If you don't mind me self-promoting, I'm running a contest for the new The Exit CD.
For some reason, not a lot of folks are entering, so your odds of winning are pretty good. Probably because no one has heard of them yet. But you all will, they're very good.