Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bye Bye CoCo

Good afternoon ladies and gents. I am currently enjoying the sounds of Very Best of Frank Sinatra on this uncharacteristically beautiful (51 degrees and sunny) day here in Cleveland Ohio. Yesterday/this morning, The Inidans finally completed the Trade Of CoCo Crisp, Josh Bard and David Riske for Andy Marte, Kelly Shoppach, Guillermo Mota, and a player to be named later. I know alot of people here are unhappy about this trade, but I think it is good for our organization. I am in no way happy to see CoCo go. At the same time I always felt that Bard and Riske were nothing special, so I am glad to get rid of them. Plus, people have to realize in order to get something you have to give up to something, just remember the Bartlo Colon trade.

I am also optimistic that Franklin Guiterez (who we got when we traded for Milton Bradley) is going to have a shot to crack our outfield now. I think we are going to take a step backwards this year, but it is going to make us a better team 2007. I know a lot of Cleveland Fans are so sick of the wait for next year, it unfortunately is a slogan for us, but I like to think when finally do get our championship it is going to make that much sweeter for us after all. Of course many people think I am crazy for thinking this way and think the Cleveland Curse will stop us from winning it all, but if Boston and Chicago can why can't we? Here are two songs for you two enjoy:

( mp3 ) Frank Sinatra - luck be a lady (because of sunny optimism about the tribe's future)

(mp3 ) Stellastarr* - My Coco (because Boston has our CoCo Crisp now)


Brad said...

I am glad to see that at least someone is happy about this trade, because I know that I'm not. It's not that I'm a big Coco fan, but last year we were one good bat (taken from the hands of Blake/Broussard) from being serious contenders. And what have we done in the offseason?

- Downgraded our starting rotation (Millwood & Elarton lost, Johnson looks no better than anyone we could have pulled from Buffalo).

- Downgraded our bullpen (Lost Howry, Rhodes & Riske...replaced by Mota and his very questionable arm, and 2 recovery projects in Graves and Karsay).

- Downgraded our already weak OF (We're left with one good OF, Sizemore. I have no confidence in Blake, and Michaels is a misfit who didn't even regularly start & Hollandsworth is a crap shoot).

- Did nothing with our IF (After failed attempts to find a serviceable 1B, we settled for Perez who strikes as little fear in opposing pitchers as "swing and a miss" Broussard).

And at the end of it all, this big trade cuts $3 or 4 million off the payrolls, which to me is another sign of Dolan's very shallow pockets. And now we are told to look another year into the future for our Tribe to contend? It just seemed that we were so close that all we needed was a small step forward instead of taking one back.

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