Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We Finally Made It To Sonic!!

Saturday night, instead of going out and being awesome we stayed home and chilled. However, this provided us with the opportunity to finally go to the new Sonic (which is in Streetsboro) and see if it truly is as magical as the witty commercials have been making them appear to be and thus filling us with spite because there was previously not one within 100 miles. This saga has been going on for quite some time now (actually, for as long as we have been dating -- nearly 5 years), and we can finally say we tasted the goodness that is Sonic. . .and we want more!!!

Strangely enough, Matt from Addicted to Vinyl also went to Sonic last Saturday (twice!) and coincidence would have it that we both ordered their Frito Chili Cheese Wrap, which was nothing more than fritos, chili and cheese in a tortilla: simple yes, but oh so tasty! As for Kelly, she sampled one of the many delicious Sonic Shakes -- on this particular evening she partook in the Coconut Cream Milk Shake which was neither too coconut-y nor too creamy, and the crumbled graham crackers were a very nice touch. An honorable mention is the side of onion rings we ordered -- is it just us or does the breading taste slightly sweet? Either way, they are also pretty much amazing.
Curbside Dining at its Finest
We so wish that we asked our "server" to pose for a picture -- he was wearing (as well as all the other employees) ROLLER BLADES! If you look closely below, you can kinda see it -- but next time, we are determined to snap a detailed photo of their priceless get up.
Random Bonus Tunes:

[Mp3] David Bowie - Drive In Saturday
[Mp3] Grandaddy - Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake
[Mp3] The Shins - Know Your Onion!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Recap + Pictorial: Santogold

Having been impressed upon seeing Santogold at Osheaga in Montreal [see our pictures here and here] one year ago, we were *very* much looking forward to seeing her again. While we didn't want to have unrealistic expectations, we were fairly certain we'd have a damn good time. . .

Okay, so not only did she deliver but she just flat out blew us away. This girl is talented -- GO SEE HER! By far, this was our favorite show of 2008. The energy of the crowd was just electric and totally infectious, as was Santogold's performance -- each feeding off one another. While Santogold didn't play Kelly's favorite song ("I'm a Lady"), she did play just about everything else off her self titled debut. And, when she finally got around to playing "Creator" the place just went BANANAS.

We always love the vibe down on E 4th at night, especially when it's warm
We had been wanting to try Zocalo and due to Kelly's suggestion (aka nagging) we finally did. These margaritas below were as delicious as they look -- we didn't sample any of the food fare, however the warm tortilla chips and salsa really hit the spot. As a result of our positive experience, we plan on making it a ritual to hit up Zocalo prior to any show we go to at The House of Blues.
We love Santogold's backup dancer's statuesque presense and 90's hip hop flare
Santogold rockin' the mic
Someone who was standing very near to us kindly posted this footage on youtube for us to share with you:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tonight: Santogold!!!!!

Tonight, descending upon the lucky citizens of Northeast Ohio, the potential heir to M.I.A.'s thrown. . .

Who: Ms. Santi White aka Santo FREAKING Gold

Note: Kanye's dj, A-Trak, will be in the house and our boy Good Life Mike is opening and spinning between performances

What: The catchiest songs you have heard in the background on the likes of Entourage as well as the new-ish Converse and Bud Light Lime commercials

Where: HOB-C Baby

When: NOW!!!

Why: Last fall in Montreal, we first witnessed Santogold's dynamic talent and cannot wait to see how much sharper she has honed her craft within the past year. Hope we don't get cut*

[Mp3] Santogold - Your Voice
[Mp3] Santogold - Lights Out Remix

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Retro Wednesday Song: 7 and 7 is

This week's Random Retro Song is Love's "7 and 7 is"

This super catchy song can be heard most recently during the closing credits of the First Episode of Season 5 of Entourage. We are so glad that Entourage is back -- we had been looking fwd to it for more than a year due to the writer's strike (sigh. . .can't wait until Flight of The Conchords new season starts next year).

You, like myself, may recall this song being used in Wes Anderson's first film: Bottle Rocket. This particularly great film featured not one but two songs by the awesome band Love -- the other song being Along Again Or. Also, I just want to take a second to mention it is very sad that the very talented front man of Love, Arthur Lee, is no longer with us. If you haven't had the opportunity to spend any time with Love's amazing album Forever Changes you definitely should.

While on topic of Wes Anderson films. . .last fall around this time we got to see an advanced screening of The Darjeering Limited @ The Cedar Lee with Wes Anderson himself actually being present. It was an awesome experience where you can read more about it here.

(mp3) Love - 7 and 7 Is

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tonight: Neko Case!

Who: The one and only Ms. Neko Case

What: Some call her music Americana while others call it Folk and some may even call it Blues. . .whatever it is, it's damn good :) It's no surprise that her show has sold out.

Where: The Beachland Ballroom (doors open at 7:30pm)

Why: We have been looking forward to Neko's return to Cleveland ever since she left in April (of 2007) where we saw her play to another sold out crowd at The Beachland. Although, it was such a wonderful bonus seeing her perform with The New Pornographers in Pittsburgh this past spring*

[Mp3] Neko Case - If You Knew From The Tigers Have Spoken
[Mp3] Neko Case - Hold On, Hold On From Fox Confessor Brings The Flood

[Mp3] The New Pornographers - Go Places From Challengers

ps - Thank you woxy for the picture and for always being awesome

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blues & Brews Pictorial

We had the pleasure of spending last night at The First Annual Blues and Brews Fest on Whiskey Island enjoying beautiful weather, exceptional music, delicious brews and bratwurst, with some of our most favorite people :)

The Blues
The Blurrs. . .
The Shore
The Brews
The Sunset
The End

ps - It was especially nice spending the evening with Erin & Todd, Rebecca & Dave, Mike & Co., bumping into Hannah, hanging out with the always lovely Mel, among other very random acquaintances we had the pleasure of running into. Arriving at the event around 6pm, we were surprised how quickly the sun ended up setting (approx 7:30pm), which proved very difficult to find our friends unless we knew exactly where they were camped out!

pss - Happy Belated B-day, Taawd: we enjoyed our brief stop by the Superior Viaduct*

Saturday, September 20, 2008

There will be no Top 5 Songs of the Week...but there will be Blues & Brews

Poster by the very talented local Puerto Rican artist Hector Vega

Sorry guys, no Top Five this week -- both of us are doing time for the man this morning . . .

But after that, we're headed over to the 1st Annual Ohio City Blues & Brews Festival down at Whiskey Island -- looking fwd to hopefully having the opportunity to meet up with some old (and new) friends.

While we're at the B&B, we may not necessarily get "Jason'd" but we still plan to have a good time ;)

This mix below is from our boy, Good Life Mike. It's a summer mix, but perfect for a fall day that feels like summer, such as this one*

[Mp3] Good Life Mike - Summer Set

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random Retro Wednesday Song: Like Whoa

This week's Random Retro Song is Black Rob's "Like Whoa."

Now this is simply a CLASSIC (er, early part of the century) JAM and as you know has become part of the lexicon for something that is ill or just sick ("really good" for those who don't know). The impetuous for this week's song was as simple as this: on Saturday when we did our Top 5 Songs of the Week post we included A-Trak's "Say Woah." Kelly asked whether that was a cover of Black Rob's hit and I informed her that it was not. She seemed disappointed, but then at that point we had to hit up youtube and check out this jam. While searching for it on youtube, we came across the Star Wars Remix of the song that includes Chewbacca noises on the track. It is pretty odd yet funny at the same time. The song also made me remember how back when I was on the radio, I loved using the instrumental version of "Like Whoa" as background music.

Lastly, very special thanks to Paulius, CB, Mel, and Even Cleveland -- having the opportunity to hang out @ VTR was definitely Like Whoa!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Top 5 Songs Of The Week (Why are we up so early on a Saturday morning Edition)

Marisa (José's sister) - Junot Díaz - José (being the whitest Puerto Rican ever)

On Thursday we had a great night. It started with wine and sushi in a crowd buzzing with energy at The Cleveland Playhouse. We savored everything our senses were taking in but didn't waste any time making our way over to the book signing where we would have the chance to interface with Junot Díaz. We had no idea what to expect upon meeting him, however he couldn't have been nicer. These days it's not often that we go out for drinks on a "school" night -- but, in this case we made an exception because we had the unique opportunity to be in the company of Junot Díaz.

Our evening was spent at Bar Cento (we had to get some pommes frites!) and then we headed over to Touch to see our boy Good Life Mike. And speaking of Touch, tonight they're having their Anniversary Party. So, Happy Anniversary Touch! We love you. There is a great lineup of local DJ's spinning with misterbradleyp and Jugoe. If you go early and RSVP, they will be popping the Moët et Chandon in celebration.

Now for the tunes:

5. (mp3) Deerhunter - Little Kids This Atlanta based fivesome (not to be confused with Deerhoof) are coming back to the Grog on 11/14 where C-bus's own Times New Viking will also be on the bill.

4. (mp3) James Yuil -This Sweet Love At first I (José) thought it reminded me of Sufjan meets Postal Service but Kelly said Jose Gonzalez and I could not agree more.

3. (mp3) Carlon - Cantaloupe Music with traces of Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, My Morning Jacket and Tulsa seem to be rather plentiful these days. Here is another one. A good track to start a rainy Saturday like this one. We think you'll enjoy this Ben ;)

2. (mp3) A - Trak - Say Whoa He's Kanye's DJ and besides that he has his own sweet label Fools Gold. He has done a bunch of sweet remixes (including one for Nike) and is coming to town this month on the 25th @ The HOB w/Santogold, and Low vs Diamond.

1. (mp3) Chairlift - Bruises This is the super catchy song from the brand new iPod Nano commercial. This Brooklyn based band is going to be touring this fall with Yeasayer (no date for C-town, the closest is Ann Arbor on 26th of October). The vocals on the track remind us of a combination of Victoria Bergsman (who used to be in The Concretes) and Regina Spektor. We love the 80's influence that resonates throughout this trio's sound.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tonight : Junot Diaz & Mohsin Hamid are coming to Cleveland!

Those of you have been reading our blog for a while might recall that back in June (see this post) I posted about how Junot Diaz was coming to town in September. After many months of waiting that day is finally here and I can't even being to tell you how excited I am to see and hear him today. He was just on around noon this afternoon with the smooth voiced and always awesome Deep Perry she also interviewed Mohsin Hamid too, check out the interview if you did not already hear it. Junot Diaz along with Mohsin Hamid are this year's winner of the prestigious Anisfield-Wolf Book Award. This award is the only American literary competition devoted to recognizing books that have made an important contribution to society’s understanding of racism and the diversity of cultures Some very well know authors have won this award in the past including Martin Luther King Jr., Langston Hughes, Alex Haley, Gwendolyn Brooks, Ralph Ellison, and Toni Morrison to name a few.

It is very fitting that on today (September 11th) one of the recipients of this year's award would be Mohsin Hamid for his novel "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" which is about a Pakistani man living in the United States and how everything in his life completely changes as result of 9/11. This great event tonight @ The Bolton Theatre located in the Cleveland Playhouse is SOLD OUT, however if you do not catch Junot Diaz today he is coming back to speak @ The Cleveland Public Library downtown on October 19th.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Random Retro Wednesday Song: Green Mind

This past weekend, I was at my parent's home going through some boxes of stuff from high school. In one box there was every Scene, Free Times (RIP), U.S. Rocker, etc. that I saved from throughout that period of time.

While sifting through these boxes, I happened to notice on the cover of one of the issues of an old Scene was DINK. I am sure there are some of you old enough that remember those crazy kids from Kent. For this week's Random Retro Wednesday Song, I am choosing Dink's Green Mind. I used to love this song not only because they were from North East Ohio -- but because they were industrial, the track was damn catchy, and the fact that they had that Bob Serpentini soundbite at the beginning of the song. I remember Pat The Prodcucer always talking them up back on his show Inner Sanctum. I also remember how in college when I became Music Director, I saw in our vault that we had their first album on vinyl and I snatched that sucker.

Monday, September 08, 2008

We kinda suck at Rock Band. . .but had fun trying*

Saturday evening we had the opportunity to play Rock Band with Colleen and Ben at their lovely house in Lakewood, which was soo much fun. However, a little more challenging than we preferred ;) My favorite was performing "Maps" where I was on vocals -- and, I think Jose at least looked like he knew what he was doing on guitar!

Here is a sampling of a few of the songs we (attempted) to play:

[Mp3] Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps (Acoustic)
[Mp3] Joy Zipper - Wave of Mutilation (Pixies Cover)
[Mp3] Radiohead - Creep (Acoustic)

Later that evening we walked over to Beer Engine and enjoyed a couple beers (and french fries!) out on their patio. We used to go to The Buckeye Brewing Company back when they were located on Miles Road and are happy to see them doing well over on the West Side now.

ps - Special thanks to Colleen for the delicious dinner and to Ben for providing the superb tunes*

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Top 5 Songs Of The Week (Cover and Remix Edition)

Before we get out and start our day (the sun seems to be trying to come out), we wanted to post our Top Five Songs of the Week real quick :)

While browsing songs we have been enjoying throughout the past week, we realized our current favorites all happen to be covers or remixes. One of which is making us thirsty for a good drink -- although neither of us have actually had a "Brandy Alexander" it definitely sounds like something we'd love [see recipe].

And, here you have it. . .

5. [Mp3] Ron Sexsmith - Brandy Alexander (Feist cover)

Bonus: [Mp3] Feist - Brandy Alexander (original)

Just Because: [Mp3] The Walkmen - Brandy Alexander (No relation to the others)

4. [Mp3] Vampire Weekend - Exit Music For A Film (Radiohead cover)

3. [Mp3] Gemma Hayes - Out Of Our Hands (Feat. Kevin Shields)

Note: Not exactly a cover or a remix, but we decided it needed to be in our Top Five anyhow*

2. [Mp3] The Kooks - Kids (MGMT cover)

1. [Mp3] Tokyo Police Club - Juno (Ra Ra Riot/Andrew Maury Remix)

ps - Has anyone purused the snack isle at Whole Foods eying and/or purchasing chips by the brand FoodShouldTasteGood?? Well, we are big fans, having enjoyed their Jalapeno, Sweet Potato, Chocolate, and today devouring The Works. Not only is every variety we've tried delicious, they're also "good" for you: no trans fat, no cholesterol, no gmo ingredients, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, low sodium, and a good source of dietary fiber.

Friday, September 05, 2008


It's true. There is a chocolate bar that combines milk chocolate and bacon. And, it is simply incredible.

We purchased Mo's Bacon Bar while in Ann Arbor visiting our close friend, Elizabeth, last weekend. Stopping into the lovely Zingerman's, we couldn't steer ourselves from a wall showcasing all types of intriguing chocolate bars. The bar that caught our attention immediately is obvious and after having a sample we were goners. . .

If you are a fan of sweet and salty treats like us, you will be in heaven*

[Mp3] Snow Patrol - Chocolate

ps - Anyone ever try Bacon with Peanut Butter?? Kelly swears that it's a fantastic combination, being a childhood favorite of hers.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Random Retro Wednesday Song: Everlasting Love

This song has been haunting us for the past month or so -- we keep swearing we hear it while out at a bar or being played in the background of an 80's movie. Not to mention, the music video is so bizarre it makes us wish that there was a Pop-up Video version to perhaps provide us with Howard Jone's creative vision. . .

Nonetheless, we both have fond memories of this song when we were young -- Kelly actually owned this tape (the single) that she remembers excitedly purchasing (well, talking her mom into purchasing for her) along with Martika's Toy Soldier single. Hope you enjoy the song and video as much as we do :)

Howard Jones - Everlasting Love

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Scrabble Anyone?

The other evening we hung out on the patio with a couple friends and busted out the Scrabble board. One thing we know for sure, per our final outcome below: we seriously need to expand our vocabularies!!