Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tonight: Santogold!!!!!

Tonight, descending upon the lucky citizens of Northeast Ohio, the potential heir to M.I.A.'s thrown. . .

Who: Ms. Santi White aka Santo FREAKING Gold

Note: Kanye's dj, A-Trak, will be in the house and our boy Good Life Mike is opening and spinning between performances

What: The catchiest songs you have heard in the background on the likes of Entourage as well as the new-ish Converse and Bud Light Lime commercials

Where: HOB-C Baby

When: NOW!!!

Why: Last fall in Montreal, we first witnessed Santogold's dynamic talent and cannot wait to see how much sharper she has honed her craft within the past year. Hope we don't get cut*

[Mp3] Santogold - Your Voice
[Mp3] Santogold - Lights Out Remix


Alexa said...

right now you guys are probably dancing your booty's off!

can't wait for the recap

Brian said...

I'll have to check her out for sure.