Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blues & Brews Pictorial

We had the pleasure of spending last night at The First Annual Blues and Brews Fest on Whiskey Island enjoying beautiful weather, exceptional music, delicious brews and bratwurst, with some of our most favorite people :)

The Blues
The Blurrs. . .
The Shore
The Brews
The Sunset
The End

ps - It was especially nice spending the evening with Erin & Todd, Rebecca & Dave, Mike & Co., bumping into Hannah, hanging out with the always lovely Mel, among other very random acquaintances we had the pleasure of running into. Arriving at the event around 6pm, we were surprised how quickly the sun ended up setting (approx 7:30pm), which proved very difficult to find our friends unless we knew exactly where they were camped out!

pss - Happy Belated B-day, Taawd: we enjoyed our brief stop by the Superior Viaduct*


Alexa said...

what a great night!

and the sunsetting at 7:30, yup that autumn for you.

wish i could have been there!

BloggingJason said...

Nice pics! I had my camera there, but no time to use it. There were some thirsty bastards there....

Sorry we couldn't meet up. There is always next time...