Friday, September 05, 2008


It's true. There is a chocolate bar that combines milk chocolate and bacon. And, it is simply incredible.

We purchased Mo's Bacon Bar while in Ann Arbor visiting our close friend, Elizabeth, last weekend. Stopping into the lovely Zingerman's, we couldn't steer ourselves from a wall showcasing all types of intriguing chocolate bars. The bar that caught our attention immediately is obvious and after having a sample we were goners. . .

If you are a fan of sweet and salty treats like us, you will be in heaven*

[Mp3] Snow Patrol - Chocolate

ps - Anyone ever try Bacon with Peanut Butter?? Kelly swears that it's a fantastic combination, being a childhood favorite of hers.


taawd said...

i had a bacon chocolate chip cookie once and it tasted a lot, i mean a lot, like you'd think a bacon chocolate chip cookie would taste, like a bacon chocolate chip cookie. it wasn't that tasty!

BloggingJason said...

My life has been filled with bacon these last few weeks. I had bacon with chocolate ganache on it last week, and it was amazing. I've been stuffing jalapenos with cream cheese, wrapping them in bacon, and then grilling them, which people seem to be a big fan of. And if I can get my ice cream maker to work again, I wanna try and make maple bacon ice cream...I need to try some of those cookies Taawd is talking about...

matt said...

I would TOTALLY eat one of those.

Ann Arbor side note...if you guys haven't been to the record store Encore yet, you need to go.


Nancy Heller said...

Cleveland's own Iron Chef, Michael Symon, recently did Chocolate Covered Bacon on an episode of Dinner Impossible on the Food Channel.

ryan said...

Yes, but have you ever had bacon with bacon?

Kelly and José said...

Taawd - Sounds like a damn good cookie to us ;)

Jason - That bacon w/ chocolate ganache sounds absolutely amazing and so does your jalapeno/cream cheese/bacon "wrap", and speaking of things wrapped with bacon, you're making us want some rumaki. . .Mmm

Matt - Definitely let us know where Encore is so next time we can check it out, thanks for the heads up*

Nancy - We saw that episode the night it aired and ever since then we had been wanting to try that combination, most likely it was the impetus behind this purchase.

ps - We enjoy your blog and your pictures make us really hungry!

Ryan - You're just so clever, aren't you?? :)

CB said...

That stuff is good, I got the same bar at a fancy-schmancy chocolate place in Pittsburgh, called something like Mon Aimee Chocolates.

I still haven't eaten it yet, though. I think I'm saving it for a mysterious special lady down the road.