Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random Retro Wednesday Song: Like Whoa

This week's Random Retro Song is Black Rob's "Like Whoa."

Now this is simply a CLASSIC (er, early part of the century) JAM and as you know has become part of the lexicon for something that is ill or just sick ("really good" for those who don't know). The impetuous for this week's song was as simple as this: on Saturday when we did our Top 5 Songs of the Week post we included A-Trak's "Say Woah." Kelly asked whether that was a cover of Black Rob's hit and I informed her that it was not. She seemed disappointed, but then at that point we had to hit up youtube and check out this jam. While searching for it on youtube, we came across the Star Wars Remix of the song that includes Chewbacca noises on the track. It is pretty odd yet funny at the same time. The song also made me remember how back when I was on the radio, I loved using the instrumental version of "Like Whoa" as background music.

Lastly, very special thanks to Paulius, CB, Mel, and Even Cleveland -- having the opportunity to hang out @ VTR was definitely Like Whoa!


Mel said...

Yes! This song brings back some fun early-club memories!

So awesome meeting you both last night! Let's definitely plan for a wine cave meet-up.

Stephanie said...

Hi, guys!

It was so great meeting you both - I'm sure we'll bump into you at the Beachland or the Grog one of these days.

Enjoy Neko!

Alexa said...

boo to not getting a VTR invite!

also, like whoa is my favorite old school hip hop song - no joke.

i will be dancing to it at old school hip hop night next saturday at touch. loves.

BloggingJason said...

VTR is so like whoa. What kind of cocktails did you enjoy?

Kelly and José said...

Mel - La Cave sounds excellent :) Looking fwd to seeing you again soon*

Stephanie - A couple great shows were just recently announced: Frightened Rabbit @ Music Saves and Asobi Seksu @ The Grog. Perhaps we will be fortunate enough to bump into you guys at one of the above?

Alexa - Aw. . .We didn't orchestrate this "meet-up" but would have extended the invite if we had :) Another time for sure -- however, we're happy to hear that you share our appreciation for this song*

Jason - Haha, we couldn't agree more. This is the breakdown. . .

Kelly: French 75, Apricot Sour, and Aviation Cocktail
José: Slow Fizz, Old Fashioned, Manhattan (Tango Style), and Whiskey Sour
Note: All of our drinks were served up

Stephanie said...

Frightened Rabbit is supposed to be kicking live ... and Asobi Seksu has some rad videos - I'll check the calendar!

Allison M. said...

all the way back to amherst-steele high school.

black rob. you rock.