Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Retro Wednesday Song: 7 and 7 is

This week's Random Retro Song is Love's "7 and 7 is"

This super catchy song can be heard most recently during the closing credits of the First Episode of Season 5 of Entourage. We are so glad that Entourage is back -- we had been looking fwd to it for more than a year due to the writer's strike (sigh. . .can't wait until Flight of The Conchords new season starts next year).

You, like myself, may recall this song being used in Wes Anderson's first film: Bottle Rocket. This particularly great film featured not one but two songs by the awesome band Love -- the other song being Along Again Or. Also, I just want to take a second to mention it is very sad that the very talented front man of Love, Arthur Lee, is no longer with us. If you haven't had the opportunity to spend any time with Love's amazing album Forever Changes you definitely should.

While on topic of Wes Anderson films. . .last fall around this time we got to see an advanced screening of The Darjeering Limited @ The Cedar Lee with Wes Anderson himself actually being present. It was an awesome experience where you can read more about it here.

(mp3) Love - 7 and 7 Is

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