Friday, December 26, 2008

Give Me An Imp!

Just the other week, while down in Naples for our wedding (we're still recovering and eventually will return to consistent blog form, promise), we were hitting up our favorite blogs to see what the haps were back in C-town. In doing so, we discovered that our friend Justin had found a new local brewery called in Indigo Imp. We checked out the Husband/Wife duo's website and noticed that they were demonstrating tastings at a variety of local Heinen's stores, making us wonder whether they were already selling at Heinen's -- low and behold, to our surprise, they are.
So, today I asked Kelly to pick some beer for us while she was at the store and she surprised me by getting some Imp which we are currently enjoying and I have to tell you it really hits the spot (not just because we are thirsty for some beer but it has a great taste). The particular Indigo Imp beer we are enjoying is their Blonde Bombshell which is described best on the label of the bottle: "An American Blonde Ale, Gold in color, an enchanting mix of malty sweetness with floral and spicy hop flavors."

[Mp3] Saturday Looks Good To Me - Alcohol

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Top 5 Songs Of The Week (Christmas Edition)

While Jose is spending the afternoon doing man things (aka drinking and eating) with his brother in-law and dad, I am enjoying the peaceful quiet of being alone. This sense of relaxation is something that I haven't felt in quite some time! In doing so, I find it particularly therapeutic listening to the following beautiful Christmas tunes :)

5. [Mp3] Sally Shapiro - Anorak Christmas (Piano Version) Loove love love this song -- cannot get enough of it!

4. [Mp3] Sufjan Stevens - Star of Wonder No one does Christmas songs better than Sinatra, but Sufjan is pretty high up there in my book.

3. [Mp3] Fiona Apple - Frosty the Snowman Fiona's voice is just as timeless as this song

2. [Mp3] Smashing Pumpkins - Christmastime This one goes out to Sarah ;)

1. [Mp3] Matt Pond PA - Holiday Road I can listen to this song on repeat, it's that lovely of a song


[Mp3] Teenage Fanclub - Alcoholiday I always smile when I hear this undeniably catchy song

Thursday, December 11, 2008

We are leaving....

...for NAPLES in about 2 hours to go spend a week of sun, friends and family. The reason for all for all of this celebration is none other than our WEDDING. We are ecstatic to see those of you who are going and those who cannot come, you will be in our thoughts. Regardless, be sure to a have a drink for us on Saturday night :)

(mp3) Reindeer Section - You Are My Joy just look at that title

(mp3) Bishop Allen - Corazon Kelly es mi corazon

(mp3) The Juliana Theory - Pictures, Stars and Dreams whether or not they are actually emo is debatable.. regardless. We both always loved this song with our little emo hearts!

Monday, December 08, 2008

What Do Weddings Make You Think Of. . .??

With Jose and my wedding date approaching rapidly and *finally* taking place (this coming Saturday to be exact), there have been endless anecdotes and references made by our friends. The most favorite of mine being a recent message from Lopez, reminding me of the following stunningly beautiful Volkswagen Commercial:

{mp3} J Ralph - One Million Miles

As a result of this nostalgia created, I couldn't help to think of the ever so memorable closing scene from The Graduate:

{mp3} Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence


{mp3} Emiliana Torrini - The Sound of Silence (Cover) I absolutely adore Emiliana and love nearly everything she has ever created. The same is true for this powerful and haunting rendition that might even impress S&G themselves*

Friday, December 05, 2008

For your listening enjoyment a x-mas mix from our friend, Ben

Back in September, you may or may not recall the life changing moment when we played Rock Band for the very first time -- this event happened to take place @ Ben & Colleen's House. [Speaking of Rock Band, we're both hoping to receive it as a Wedding and/or Christmas Gift: umm, hint hint.] Anyhow, Ben is the husband of Colleen who was Kelly's roommate for a couple of years @ Miami. They are both awesome and Ben just so happens to have really kick ass music taste and just yesterday he shared with us an x-mas mix he made. We have been enjoying this mix so much we have decided to share it with you all:

Some highlights of this mix in include:

-The Ravonettes' song called "Christmas in Cleveland" how f*cking cool is that?

-A lot of great covers including "Here Comes St. Claus" by Los Straitjackets, "Fairy Tale of New York" by Pilate (I never seem to tire of this song and love to hear any cover of it), & God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra (with the guitar line from House of Savages!)

-Other great tracks from Squirrel Nut Zippers, Tijuana Brass & Mambo Billy May (oh yeah, and Sufjan Stevens -- Kelly still loves herself that token Sufjan track. . .)

On a side note: While treating your ears you should also treat your taste buds and quench your thirst with a great (South Eastern) Australian Shiraz we've been enjoying on this particular evening compliments of Friday Monkey. At only $9.99 from Heinen's, this wine is not only flavorful but well balanced and 14% alcohol ;) it's clearly a steal. The perfect cure for a frigid night such as this one with it's warm, lingering, jammy and slightly tart finish*

ps - Yes, we colored in (and wrote on) that masterpiece of a Reindeer Picture above all by ourselves. We never were much good at coloring, ha

Monday, December 01, 2008

Our First Christmas Tree

Pictured above is our very first tree. Both of us are purists when it comes to Christmas trees, however, given our complete lack of time this holiday season, we opted for a pre-lit no fuss fake tree. Also, since we have very little furniture, our little tree really helps spruce up the room (no pun intended). Now all we need is a quality pine scented candle -- God forbid, we would never get one of those crappy air freshner brand ones. One major bonus of the fake tree is we won't have to vacuum up any of those damn needles. . .Personally, when you vacuum pine needles, it is a very unpleasant smell.

While listening to music from A Charlie Brown Christmas (our absolute all-time favorite), we put up all five of our ornaments -- as you can see above, the J and K ornaments are on full display, which were a thoughtful gift from our friend, Sarah. Also of note are the sweet Tiffany & Co. ornaments that Becky and Paul got us. The next thing we are looking forward to getting are stockings to hang from our mantle :) Oh yes, and a star or an angel for the top of our little tree*

[Mp3] O Tannenbaum - Vince Guaraldi Trio Such a classic
[Mp3] Christmas Is Coming - Vince Guaraldi Trio Can't you just picture the little peanut cartoon characters dancing to this song?