Monday, December 08, 2008

What Do Weddings Make You Think Of. . .??

With Jose and my wedding date approaching rapidly and *finally* taking place (this coming Saturday to be exact), there have been endless anecdotes and references made by our friends. The most favorite of mine being a recent message from Lopez, reminding me of the following stunningly beautiful Volkswagen Commercial:

{mp3} J Ralph - One Million Miles

As a result of this nostalgia created, I couldn't help to think of the ever so memorable closing scene from The Graduate:

{mp3} Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence


{mp3} Emiliana Torrini - The Sound of Silence (Cover) I absolutely adore Emiliana and love nearly everything she has ever created. The same is true for this powerful and haunting rendition that might even impress S&G themselves*


Mel said...

I love, love, love this commercial! It is still my favorite ever to be created. I remember searching frantically for that song online (ah, old winamp and napster style). J Ralph, by the way, is a fantastic musician -- I have a few other orchestral pieces of his in my iPod. :)

Best wishes for the upcoming nuptials! I'll see you both when you get back... and are MARRIED! WOO!

Urban Miracles said...

oh my gosh, I totally forgot about that Volkswagen commercial. That made me want to go into advertising. Probably one of the better short films (which is what it is) I've seen. Anyway, SO excited for this weekend!!! yayayayayaya!~!!! Fiesta forever!!!! All night long!!!

Allison M. said...

How about My Best Friend's wedding where they break into song and dance? Or Cameron Diaz tries to kick Julia Robert's ass.

That's the first thing that comes to my mind at least.

Alexa said...

congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!! i can't wait to see all the pictures : )