Friday, December 26, 2008

Give Me An Imp!

Just the other week, while down in Naples for our wedding (we're still recovering and eventually will return to consistent blog form, promise), we were hitting up our favorite blogs to see what the haps were back in C-town. In doing so, we discovered that our friend Justin had found a new local brewery called in Indigo Imp. We checked out the Husband/Wife duo's website and noticed that they were demonstrating tastings at a variety of local Heinen's stores, making us wonder whether they were already selling at Heinen's -- low and behold, to our surprise, they are.
So, today I asked Kelly to pick some beer for us while she was at the store and she surprised me by getting some Imp which we are currently enjoying and I have to tell you it really hits the spot (not just because we are thirsty for some beer but it has a great taste). The particular Indigo Imp beer we are enjoying is their Blonde Bombshell which is described best on the label of the bottle: "An American Blonde Ale, Gold in color, an enchanting mix of malty sweetness with floral and spicy hop flavors."

[Mp3] Saturday Looks Good To Me - Alcohol

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