Monday, January 05, 2009

Belated Happy New Year!

On this Monday morning you may be griping because you are headed back to work, school etc after that nice break. You may just be down because you are frustrated about the state of the browns, that cavs game yesterday (that call was total b.s.) or the fact that Ohio State is going to get killed again on the national stage again tonight. Or perhaps you are bummed out about the cold (at least it is sunny today), the increase in gas prices, how inept our local politicians are etc. Whatever the reason is you can hopefully take a minute and get a laugh this morning from watching this short video of my air guitar performance on New Years Eve.

P.S. thanks to Paul for documenting this and thanks to Oscar for throwing an awesome party!


D Neff and Teddy said...

Jose - All I can say is that you for once have left me speechless. Amazing on so many levels.

Brian said...

Wow, That was hilarious.

Stephanie said...

Too funny!

(And ps - congratulations on the wedding!)

Elizabeth said...

Ahh! That takes me back to your *amazing* dance break at the wedding. good times :)

Bill Teets said...

Happy [belated] New Year! At least Ohio State wasn't embarassed!

(they just choked instead)