Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random Retro Wednesday Song : Under My Thumb

On Christmas Eve, when I was at work it was a really slow day -- so slow in fact that they let us leave by 10am that morning. However, before I was sent home I decided that I had enough of having this song by The Rolling Stones song stuck in my head for years that I did not know the name of. The most recent time I had heard it was when I was The Colony with Justin before we went to go see Slumdog Millionaire (go see if you have not done so, I am sure you will now want to with all the Golden Globe Awards it recently won). Congrats to the Cast and Director, Danny Boyle, who's recognition is well deserved.

Anyway, I don't claim to have a lot of knowledge about 1960's music. I know some songs by the Rolling Stones (ie - Jumpin Jack Flash, Time Is On My Side, Wild Horses, Street Fightin Man, Brown Sugar, etc) but just not this one. . .Since I do not have a great deal of knowledge concerning the aforementioned subjects, I did not know until I asked a co-worker (thanks, Cliff) where I discovered that the song I have had stuck in my head was: Under My Thumb by The Rolling Stones. So yeah, I felt pretty silly after the fact, since it is one their hits I later discovered and also simply because they say the title of the song within the very beginning lyrics.

(mp3) The Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb


Brian said...

i like to listen -- really listen -- to old stones songs to pick apart their component parts. i listen to 'em, and just try to hear the bass line, or the piano. "under my thumb" was always one of my most favorite stones songs for the very reason that it's got a great backbeat and the xylophone is a terrific complement.


alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i don't really have anything brilliant to comment about other than i heart you two. : )

Bill Teets said...

I don't know much about 60's music either - I can't even place that song (no MP3 playing allowed here at work!).

But I do know that whenever I feel bad about myself when I party a shade too hard, I always have Keith Richards to look towards to make me feel better about myself (a lot better)...

Kelly and José said...

Brian - I, too, like to listen to older songs and pick apart the different chord progressions and individual notes that are being played by various instruments. For instance, with Under My Thumb I cannot agree with you more how distinctive the xylophone is. One thing that always amazes me is that sometimes when I'm out at a bar or restaurant and I recognize the melody of a song and I cannot hear the lyrics, you realize how many songs at their core sound the same.

Alexa - We heart you too :)

Bill - I know what you mean. Sometimes when I've tied one on and I go in public the next day I feel like people are staring at me like I was Nick Nolte in the following mug shot: