Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random Retro Wednesday Song : Invisible Touch

As you know, this past Friday night, we attended the Jessica Lea Mayfield/Annuals show. Just as Jessica's set was drawing to a close, I think we all were just being lulled into a pleasant submission by the relaxing sound of her songs of sorrow and pain. This was followed by a very abrupt ending of her final song, not any sort of closing salutation (as far as we recall) and then the lights brightened the venue while the speakers @ The Grog started blasting "Invisible Touch" by Genesis/Phil Collins. This left us all slack-jawed and pretty much all looking at each other with a "what the f*ck?" look on our faces.

Then strangely enough on Sunday afternoon while helping my parents shop at Heinen's we heard this song again. We knew at that point it was a sign that "Invisible Touch" must be a Random Retro Wednesday Song for this week.

Phil Collins definitely had the mid to late 80's soft rock jams on lock down. . .like f-ing Fort Knox :) Just ask Christian Bale's character, Patrick Bateman, in American Psycho [here].

Oh yeah, we're also wondering whether Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel still hate each other's guts. Man, British people love to hold a grudge, especially musicians*

Bonus: Apparently MGMT are fans of "Invisible Touch" too [vid]


Bridget Callahan said...

I really liked the first couple of years of Genesis, but I always have to follow that up by reminding people that I like Peter Gabriel's Genesis, not the next 25 years of Genesis. I've had that conversation like 205 times.

Kelly and José said...

My dad would love to discuss that debate with you :) Although, he agrees so it would not be much of a debate. My dad saw Genesis live countless times throughout the 70's and loves to retell his experiences at their shows, over and over and over. . .ha


matt said...

I grew up with Invisible Touch-era Genesis. I loved this song when it first came out, but grew to like the rest of the album more...always good for a spin in my world - funny how many people hate this tune :-)