Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Contest: Win Two Free Tickets to Friday's Annuals/Jessica Lea Mayfield Show + MOCA Passes

Having gained comparisons to bands such as Animal Collective and Broken Social Scene -- we've decided Annuals' eclectic and experimental style is a difficult one to categorize. We encourage you to listen for yourself (that is, if you are not yet familiar with Annuals' music) and give us your own creative opinion and description via comment or email.

As always, your feedback is appreciated, in this case making you eligible to win two free tickets to the Annuals (with opener Jessica Lea Mayfield) show this Friday at The Grog Shop while additionally scoring complimentary passes to MOCA. We will contact the winner that best articulates Annuals' sound by Friday morning*

CORRECTION: Simply click [here] to enter the contest :)

Some select songs:
[Mp3] Annuals - Brother Made an appearance on Pitchfork's Infinite Playlist as the #25 entry
[Mp3] Annuals - Fair (WOXY Lounge Acts) You may or may not remember this song being played on a Veronica Mars episode, catchy and authentic nonetheless
[Mp3] Annuals - Confessor The opening track off their recent release, Such Fun

[Mp3] Jessica Lea Mayfield - For Today (Have You Heard Session) Heartbreaking, raw, and simply beautiful


CB said...

How about this:

Indie sweet dude-core, a genre characterized by generally soft-spoken vocals expressing mostly plaintive locals, but with both catchy guitar hooks and a tendency to layer production values and some grind here and there.

Bridget Callahan said...

Okay CB, its on...

"If, like me, you sit at a computer all day, dying for something to listen to other than computer beeps and murmured voices, this is an excellent choice. It's non-abrasive enough to blend into your aural surroundings (none of your co-workers will suspect your commie leanings), but with a touch of interesting, to help you shake that fish-eyed look. This music is like the Shins had to go to their 10 yr high school reunion, and in bwtween drinking Blatz and getting high with some friends who never got out of town, they suddenly remembered that they use to listen to too much Dave Matthews. So they try to insecurely compensate by putting on At The Drive In. But really, they should have gone with Fugazi. Plaintive is as plaintive does."

CB said...

Ahhh damn. I was hoping this would be uncontested. Are you going to the show on Friday, Bridget?

Bridget Callahan said...

Maybe. I think it's going to be an "at work" decision. But probably. Text me if you're going.

Oh my god, I just spent SO much time writing comments. So bored at work.

Kelly and José said...

Although one might think we would be biased toward CB (and I even mentioned this to you guys), I must admit that Bridget's description is pretty impeccable ;)


CB said...

I know, Bridget killed me.

And Bridget - you should totally come. I'll definitely be there, as will Kelly/Jose and some other cool blog-world/Beachland mainstays.

Do it!

Bridget Callahan said...

For some reason, probably cause of the abuse yesterday, comments aren't working for me today.

Yes I will probably come DESPITE you using the term "cool blog-world". However my decision would easier if I won the tickets :P

Also Kelly, thanks for the side add