Saturday, January 24, 2009

Top 5 Songs Of The Week (These Bands Are Coming To Cleveland Edition)

Last night we went to our first show of the year (Annuals/Jessica Lea Mayfield) and it was such a positive experience (undoubtably having a lot to do with the the company that we were in, but the music was great too) that it got us pretty excited for upcoming shows. Below is a sampling of music from some bands that we think you should definitely check out:


5. (mp3) The Little Ones - Like A Spoke On A Wheel Shins-esque, sunny music for days without sun such as ones we are having an abundance of as of late. They're coming to The Beachland Ballroom on February 21st along with Brett Dennan.

4. (mp3) Passion Pit - Cuddle Fuddle This is one of our jamzzz! Lucky for us, here in North East Ohio they are coming twice this winter. The first time is this Wednesday @ The Spot on Case's campus and a second time in March with Cut Off Your Hands (see details below).

3. (mp3) Anya Marina - Move You A singer/songwriter (reminding Kelly of a Emiliana Torrini in her younger days) from San Diego who also happens to be a radio DJ. She is coming to town this week on Wednesday @ The Grog Shop with The Virgins & Lissy Trullie. Her album was produced by Britt Daniel of Spoon.

2. (mp3) Obi Best - Who Loves You Now A back-up singer for The Bird & The Bee with vocals similar to Regina Spektor . She is coming to town to headline a show @ The Beachland in the Tavern. Opening for her will be The Poshi Army & The Muttering Retreats (we know Justin is looking fwd to this show).

1. (mp3) Cut Off Your Hands -Expectations We've had them in our Top 5 two other times so you know how good they are. So it is with very much excitement that we announce (if you have not heard already) one of the best shows this year: Ra, Ra Riot, Passion Pit and Cut off Your Hands are coming to Akron @ Musica on March 25th!! Previously when the dates were announced there were not dates close to us which made us pretty sad because we really want to see these guys live.


Roger Zender said...

You guys going to Passion Pit? I definitely am... I also saw Ra Ra Riot there this past Fall (and I'm tempted by the show at Musica). The Spot has been getting some great shows this year (including one of the best of the year for me - Birdmonster)

Anonymous said...

Jessica Mayfield's guitarist is quite good.

Kelly and José said...

Roger - We were totally going to go see Passion Pit at The Spot, but then we listened to Anya Marina (who is playing at The Grog the same night with The Virgins) and changed our mind. If Passion Pit wasn't coming back in a couple months, then we most likely would end up seeing them instead*

Anon - We concur :)

Justin said...

I'm down for that Musica show, too. And I've been listening to Obi Best all morning and can't wait for that one. I was combing through the Grog and Beachland calendars and I think there are at least a dozen shows in February/March that I'm looking forward to, so finally the winter is ending!

Also, isn't Jessica Lea Mayfield her own guitarist? Or are you guys and Anonymous referring to the one that accompanied her onstage last week? She (Jessica) is pretty darn talented in her own right on the guitar.

Kelly and José said...

Justin -

Awesome :) Couldn't agree more. Cleveland's current music scene has definitely left us re-inspired*

As far as Jessica's guitarist, we were referring to the gentleman with the handlebar mustache -- Jose thought he looked like he was trying out for Young Guns III: The Next Generation. Not to mention, he totally reminded us of Daniel Day Lewis' character in There Will Be Blood.

CB said...

Aw man - I didn't see that guy! But I would totally go see Young Guns 3. The original is still one of my favorite movies.

Quick question: where can I get a list of shows scheduled for The Spot? I tried to find a web page, but, well, failed.

CC said...

love your blog! thanks for all the hot tips!