Saturday, January 10, 2009

1st Top 5 songs of the Week of 2009

Today we were awakened to the sound of the plow. . .luckily neither of us had to work. Unfortunately Kelly had to get up at 9am to "get her toes done up and her finger nails matchin" for her friend Ali's wedding. Kelly said she can't believe she has to wear a bridesmaid dress in this freaking weather. And that my friends is why you don't have a wedding in Cleveland during the dead winter. . .you have it in a place warm like south western Florida ;) I wish we were still there.
Although, if I were in Florida then I would not have been able to go to the Cavs vs Celtics game last night. That game was more than worth bearing the cold and snow to watch us kick the shit out the Celtics. Even better than the game was seeing our friend, Ryan, wear his Ben Wallace wig (see picture above). I know it is still very early in the season, but you have to like how we were able to shut down the big 3 without Z -- the next time we play Boston it is going to be a BATTLE. I am looking fwd to the Cavs upcoming west coast trip with some tough games against the Lakers, Hornets & Blazers. After this trip we we will know just how good this team can be.

Now for the music:

5. [Mp3] Cut Off Your Hands - Oh Girl We are suckers for sunny indie pop, especially while in the depths of this chilling snowy weather. If you're in need of an upper like us, we totally recommend this catchy song.

4. [Mp3] The Antlers - Bear From their new ep, Hospice, coming out in March. They came to Cleveland last fall and we missed them. We wish we had not.

3. [Mp3] Cat Power - I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) A couple of our gripes with her second cover album, Jukebox, was that it sounded (dare we say): happy, as well as too clean and over produced. This is not the case with her latest EP, Dark End of the Street, where she has returned to baring her soul with the passion we had come to know and love from her. Just listen to this Otis Redding cover and you'll know what we mean*

2. [Mp3] Frida Hyvönen - Dirty Dancing This swede has a sound filled with a deep soulful sadness -- her compositions are beautifully haunting, leaving a lasting impression. She is undeniably in a league of her own. And, although she is a woman playing piano, we both agree that one cannot pigeonhole her sound.

1. [Mp3] Andrew Bird - Fitz & Dizzyspells Building quiet energy, we have had several debates over what his vocal sounds like yet can at least agree that he sometimes sounds like Final Fantasy combined with The Shins' James Mercer. An instantly likable song, this track has become an instant favorite of Kelly's -- whistling, hand claps and strings always seem to make for a good time. Lucky for us, he is coming back to C-town on April 2nd @ The Allen Theatre and is being presented by The Beachland & The Grog Shop. Tickets are $25 -- but the always awesome Music Saves has them for no additional fees if you pay cash (while their block of seats are still available, that is).

Random Bonus [update]: If you are in need of a tasty (yet certainly not weak) fix, then definitely check out this Barefoot Contessa Recipe for a Pomegranate Cosmopolitan Martini [here]. Jose claims that this is not a girly drink even though it looks like one, as he feels the need to defend his masculinity while watching the Golden Globes Red Carpet Coverage. Ha.

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