Saturday, January 31, 2009

Top 5 Songs Of The Week (It feels like it is going to be winter forever edition)

This past week I am sure you all remember what an awful day weather wise Wednesday was. With that being said, it is sad yet hilarious that with tomorrow's forecast calling for the temperature to be a whole 36 degrees that this would cause people to be excited since it will actually be above freezing.

It is bad enough that the Steelers are in the Superbowl again but this cold and snow just makes things as of late down right unbearable. At least the Tribe will be starting spring training soon and the Cavs keep on chugging along, it was so nice to see Z come back last night and contribute without missing a beat, also can't wait till Delonte returns. Also f*ck you to those who did not pick Mo Williams for the All Star game -- it is ok, he will just take it out on all of you going fwd. You did us a favor.

Maybe the following Top Five Songs of the Week will be of some consolation:

5. {mp3} Dan Auerbach - The Real Desire You might be like us and be out in the cold when it comes to the two Black Keys shows @ The Agora this weekend. We have seen The Black Keys twice (well sort of) just as of late have we really ever gotten into them, so now we understand what all the deserved hype is about them. Speaking of The Blacks Keys, their lead singer Dan Auerbach has a solo record coming out (Keep It Hid) and he will doing a special performance @ The Beachland on March 5th as part of the 9th Anniversary weekend Celebration. You know he brings the soul and this track is no exception, what a voice this man has.

4. {mp3} Findlay Brown - Holding Back The Night He is a British singer/songwriter who used to be a bare knuckles boxer but he has changed his ways. These days he is a bit of a romantic crooner, cranking out sweet little pop folk songs like this one. You know the ladies love this kind of stuff, I have to admit I like it too. One caveat I have to add that in his press photo I have to admit I think he reminds a little of Corey Feldman they way he is dressed up as Michael Jackson in Dream A Little Dream and I'd be remiss if I did not include a link to his famous dance sequence in that movie.

Note: On second thought, maybe it was just Findlay Brown's hat that made me think of that.

3. {mp3} Youth Group - All This Will Pass This Sydney foursome has a new album due (The Night is Ours) out in the states here in April. They are playing this year's SXSW. You might have heard already of Youth Group if you remember their great cover of Alphaville's "Forever Young" which was on soundtrack from The O.C. mix # 5. Their sound brings to mind instantly the sounds of The Smiths or The Replacements or even fellow countrymen, The Church.

2. {mp3} Yacht - Summer Song Last year we had heard of the avant pop outfit known as Yacht but it never really seemed like anything we would be into, seemed a little a little too hipster for us. That all changed when we watched this video. Its 80's pop imagery is genius. This song is catchy as hell and this duo are on DFA records so you know they will make you wanna shake it. They are touring with Chairlift (you know them from the ipod nano commerical) and as luck would have it they are coming to The Grog Shop on March 13th.

1. {mp3} Bishop Allen - South China Moon An instantly catchy song, from their new album Grrr... due out March 10th. We have been fans since Charm School and loved all of their monthly EP's released throughout 2007 -- needless to say, we are looking fwd with great anticipation to the release of Bishop Allen's new album.

[Photo courtesy of the talented Bella Lago, taken this very morning actually]


alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

let me know if you guys go to dan's show at the beachland. i really want to go!

plus i have a confession to make, i have never been to the beachland ballroom.

Rachel said...

HEY NOW! Don't be too hard on the Steelers. ;)

Kelly and José said...

Alexa - We'll definitely let you know if we end up going :)

Rachel - We (esp. Jose) have actually gotten much better!