Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tonight : Junot Diaz & Mohsin Hamid are coming to Cleveland!

Those of you have been reading our blog for a while might recall that back in June (see this post) I posted about how Junot Diaz was coming to town in September. After many months of waiting that day is finally here and I can't even being to tell you how excited I am to see and hear him today. He was just on around noon this afternoon with the smooth voiced and always awesome Deep Perry she also interviewed Mohsin Hamid too, check out the interview if you did not already hear it. Junot Diaz along with Mohsin Hamid are this year's winner of the prestigious Anisfield-Wolf Book Award. This award is the only American literary competition devoted to recognizing books that have made an important contribution to society’s understanding of racism and the diversity of cultures Some very well know authors have won this award in the past including Martin Luther King Jr., Langston Hughes, Alex Haley, Gwendolyn Brooks, Ralph Ellison, and Toni Morrison to name a few.

It is very fitting that on today (September 11th) one of the recipients of this year's award would be Mohsin Hamid for his novel "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" which is about a Pakistani man living in the United States and how everything in his life completely changes as result of 9/11. This great event tonight @ The Bolton Theatre located in the Cleveland Playhouse is SOLD OUT, however if you do not catch Junot Diaz today he is coming back to speak @ The Cleveland Public Library downtown on October 19th.


Alexa said...

hope you had so much fun!!!!

can't wait to hear about it!

random question, do you two like girl talk?

Kelly and José said...

We had a great time :) We finally had a chance to recover from the evening (well Jose had to because he is older) and post about it this morning.

As for Girl Talk, yes we are fans. We are surprised he is playing at The Beachland -- the last couple times he has played in Cleveland it has been @ The Grog.

When he was going to school @ Case, we heard about how he used to throw some sick old school house parties. We know a lot of people who are not fans of the new album and while it is not nearly as good as "Night Ripper", it is definitely a grower and of course a great dance party album.