Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We Finally Made It To Sonic!!

Saturday night, instead of going out and being awesome we stayed home and chilled. However, this provided us with the opportunity to finally go to the new Sonic (which is in Streetsboro) and see if it truly is as magical as the witty commercials have been making them appear to be and thus filling us with spite because there was previously not one within 100 miles. This saga has been going on for quite some time now (actually, for as long as we have been dating -- nearly 5 years), and we can finally say we tasted the goodness that is Sonic. . .and we want more!!!

Strangely enough, Matt from Addicted to Vinyl also went to Sonic last Saturday (twice!) and coincidence would have it that we both ordered their Frito Chili Cheese Wrap, which was nothing more than fritos, chili and cheese in a tortilla: simple yes, but oh so tasty! As for Kelly, she sampled one of the many delicious Sonic Shakes -- on this particular evening she partook in the Coconut Cream Milk Shake which was neither too coconut-y nor too creamy, and the crumbled graham crackers were a very nice touch. An honorable mention is the side of onion rings we ordered -- is it just us or does the breading taste slightly sweet? Either way, they are also pretty much amazing.
Curbside Dining at its Finest
We so wish that we asked our "server" to pose for a picture -- he was wearing (as well as all the other employees) ROLLER BLADES! If you look closely below, you can kinda see it -- but next time, we are determined to snap a detailed photo of their priceless get up.
Random Bonus Tunes:

[Mp3] David Bowie - Drive In Saturday
[Mp3] Grandaddy - Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake
[Mp3] The Shins - Know Your Onion!


Alexa said...

frito chili cheese wrap?


i want one. NOW

Mel said...

Sonic is probably the only thing (outside of my sisters) that I miss about living in Arizona.

OMG, I am totally craving their breakfast TOASTER with tater tots.

Stephanie said...

I love these pictures!

matt said...

It's been about 10 years since I had a milkshake at Sonic in Kansas City.

But I realize now, it's been about 20, since I used to get Sonic for lunch on occasion with my dad when we were living in Texas.

So I guess that explains the two visits in one day....that, and since I got the wrap the first time around, I had to do it right and get a burger to do it up right!!

Great stuff as always, you guys!

matt said...

Let's re-imagine that last sentence a bit to say "I had to get a burger to do it up right"

The wheels came off of that last part in my previous comment.

BloggingJason said...

Blogger Meet'n'Feast in Streetsboro !

Brian said...

True story. My wife and I hit up Sonic last Friday for a bite to eat. Yum.

Neither of us are meat eaters so I asked the order taker "do you guys have grilled cheese?" The teenager's reply was a confused "what?!? Did you just ask if we make our own cheese?" I laughed and repeated myself to the kid who probably took way too many orders that day.

The kid who delivered our food basically was half was in my car window asking questions about our tattoos. I should have offered him a tater tot.

The place was packed, no bays open and a line of drive thru wrapped around the building.

Sonic has it (business) others don't. Good times.