Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Random Retro Wednesday Song: Legend Of A Cowgirl

This week's Random Retro Song is Legend of A Cowgirl by Imani Coppola

This funky little song found its way to resurface within our memory's forefront while on the way to the grocery store this past Saturday -- it started with Jose saying "ain't nothing like a chicken wing" and we still don't remember what the context was. . .

And, then Jose proceeded to inquire, "How come Weird Al never came up with this idea: to change the lyrics of Dr. Dre's Nothing but a g thing to Nothing but a chicken wing??"

Then I retorted, "There already is a song that uses pretty much the same phrase: ain't nothing like a chicken wing"

I made him guess which song I was talking about, but he never figured it out.

Then we came home and I showed him this video:

(mp3) Imani Coppola - Legend Of A Cowgirl

I used to *love* this song and thought it was ahead of its time, blending soul with rock.

ps - These days Imani is doing us proud with her new project Little Jackie and their new single, The World Should Revolve Around Me, that might just be the next catchy jam [see video here]

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Mel said...

This, my friends, is my theme song!

I'm a woman on fire with huge desire
To be as good as any man

YES! I will be playing this all day again. :-)

PS: my word verification says "balz" in it. LOL