Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Random Retro Wednesday Song: Got You Where I Want You

This past Sunday afternoon, instead of watching the Browns we were watching Super Troopers on Comedy Central which happened to be part of their Sex Drive Sunday.

In case you've not heard, Sex Drive is a new movie that looks like pure dog shit. However, we have to mention the fact that James Marsden is in it. Now, I know that some of you are probably familiar with him from the X-Men movies where he played Cyclops. But for us, he will forever be that dude from Disturbing Behavior.

While talking about James Marsden and Disturbing Behavior, we recalled that Katie Holmes, Ethan Embry, and Nick Stahl were also in this teen horror flick. Which also reminded us of a somewhat similar film from that very same year, The Faculty.

But back to Disturbing Behavior -- both of us instantly remembered the song from the movie, The Fly's Got You Where I Want You. Henceforth, our selection for this week's Random Retro Wednesday Song.

We are sure you remember this awful yet catchy song -- you couldn't help to get it stuck in your head, even if you didn't want to :)

The "breakdown" towards the end of the song featuring a very weak Rap Rock attempt à la 311 meets something. . .?? Is very distinctly 90's, wouldn't you agree?

(mp3) The Flys - Got You Where I Want You


Alexa said...

so random, but i love it!

i actually saw the flys perform this waaaaaaaaay back when with like jet or something.

gosh my memory sucks!

matt said...

I'm singin' right now. And that's a frightening thing. I love the fact that these guys already had to cash in on the song, and record the "2008" version.

You know, the one the band actually gets paid for, not the original hit version that they probably never saw any cash for.