Saturday, October 11, 2008

Top 5 Songs Of The Week : We met 5 years ago today edition!

This picture is from the night we got engaged :)

Today is October 11th and is a pretty significant day for us -- that being, 5 years ago today we went on our first date. On our first date we went to the movies and saw Kill Bill Vol.1 (I picked the movie), I know isn't that an excellent date movie? Anyways after the movie, Kelly and I then went to La Cav where her friend Jackie came and met us (you know how you girls do) to make sure I was not a freak or anything. I guess I passed the test because I am still around.

The three most memorable portions of that evening were: one, that it was really sweet that Kelly gave me a hug right away upon meeting (I was like wow) me. I had no idea girls who went to Miami could be beautiful and not be b*tches.

Secondly, at some point during the evening I was struggling to make conversation and I (very smoothly) asked Kelly how big her feet were? And then when she told me, I proceeded to ask her height. Then, I paused and said "Oh, I thought your feet looked disproportionate for your height." To this day, my mom still thinks this is the most humorous thing she has ever heard, she loves to hear me this tell story.

The last part of the evening that was by far the most memorable is the first time I went to kiss Kelly. It went like this: we were at the bottom of the cul du sac where my parents live (yes, I was living at home at the time with no job or wheels, I know was killing the game and then some). So Kelly was the one who drove. She was talking and then I mustered up all the courage I ever had and I darted at her face much like a fish darts at food when you throw anything into a pond or picture the way pigeons go after anything you feed them, but you get the picture. Kelly was so startled that she almost drove into my mom's car which was parked at the bottom of our driveway because she did not have the car in park. Needless to say it was far from the perfect first kiss!

Anyways for
The Top 5 Songs of the Week we are going to do, maybe not the Top 5 Songs of our relationship, but 5 Songs That Fo Sho Are Our Jamz: There are a lot more besides these but these were the one that rose to the top first.

5. (mp3) Minus The Bear - Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Early on in our relationship I went to see MTB. Kelly did not know they were at the time so I enlightened her. That is one of the bes things about our relationship is we have introduced each other to a lot of music that we would not know otherwise. We have now had the opportunity to see MTB a few times. As of you know if you have seen them live they just freaking own. They are coming back to town @ The Grog on the 20th of this month.

4. (mp3) Pernice Brothers - There Goes The Sun there was a part of our courtship when every day we'd wake up to the sound of this song and it helped set the tone for the day perfectly . Especially when it is cold and dark in the middle of winter and you want nothing more than to go back to bed and say f*ck it and call in sick.

3. (mp3) Tegan & Sara - Walking With A Ghost In Paris Kelly has put this mashup on many mixes she had made for people. It is one of those songs that brings the party once the bass kicks in. We saw Tegan & Sara once @ Lollapolooza in 2005 however with the extreme heat it was over 100 and Sara got sick and they only played 3 songs. We were both disappointed but seeing as how both of us almost passed out in that stifling heat we could not complain.

2. (mp3) Belle & Sebastian - Your Cover's Blown When I first started dating Kelly I had a lot of indie rock snob tendencies when it came to music. See I was the music director of my college's radio station and with that position brings a weird sense of elitism (think of Rob Gordon in High Fidelity) .I never liked Belle & Sebastian and I never understood what the big deal was about them until Kelly got me to see how good they can be. This is one of the songs that Kelly played for me that let me see the light when it comes to B&S . Who knew twee pop could be so funky? Here is a great clip from High Fidelity capturing my previous feelings on Belle & Sebastian.

1. (mp3) The Get Up Kids - Close To Me ( Cure Cover) Unless you are completely dense you recognize the fact that music is a huge part of our relationship. When we were first getting to know each we discovered how much each of us enjoy a great cover song. This one being one of our tops. While we both love The Cure, we think this Get Up Kids cover is even better. We are after all two emo kids at the bottom of our indie rock hearts so we can't help but love this guilty pleasure! Emo is not an ugly four letter to us, however what is referred to now as emo ugh.. let's not even get started.


matt said...

Congrats, you crazy kids - happiness is a beautiful thing, and even more so, when you can share that happiness with someone that is worth sharing it with!!

The above mighta been a toast of some sort, so I'll act like I'm toasting you right now with my Dr. Pepper in hand!


Kelly and José said...

Thank you so much for the love, Matt :) We really appreciate it*

BloggingJason said...

Five Years! Huzzah!

p.s.-I managed to miss MTB the past three times they've been in town, and I'm determined to see them at the Grog next week.

Mel said...

Congrats on the five-year mark!

Psst, btw, I think I will be seeing you both on Wednesday. :-)

Kelly and José said...

Jason - Per chance, have you checked out MTB's recently acoustic album? If not, we can send you the link to download*

Mel - Looking forward to seeing you :)

BloggingJason said...

Thanks for the heads up-my buddy sent it to me last week and I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. I gotta do that post haste.