Saturday, October 25, 2008

Schizophrenia can be a good thing... in the form of a mix

Last evening ( I started this post but did not finish), I was nursing a cold and nursing a beer as I watched the OSU vs. Penn St (thanks for choking buckeyes) game. Kelly is out of town in Boston with her sister Erin visiting our friend Jackie. This provided me the perfect opportunity to

1. clean the condo (ugh I know not fun but it really needed it) &

2. To make a mix for Kelly. I used to make mixes for Kelly all the time but there just never seems to be enough time for that these days.

*****update it is Sunday @ 12:05pm and after much deliberation I have completed the mix. I like it but I am biased after all since I made it. Let me know what you think. As as disclaimer this mix is meshing of things that Kelly will like along (the dancey stuff at the beginning is for the morning when she is driving to work trying to wake up or when we are heading out for a night on the town) with things I like, I don't know if you can say this mix has continuity so much as it as it clearly suffers from schizophrenia*******

Bodega Girls - She's Into Black Guys <--these guys are from Boston. They like to party. This song is for Amanda & Marisa

Britney Spears - Womanizer (Teenagers Remix)
<-- I am not a fan of Britney but Kelly is and I love just about anything The Teenagers do

CSS - Beautiful Song (CSS Remix)
<--Yes they remixed their own song, good thing because almost everything off of their album (donkey) sucked a big fat donkey dong

Friendly Fires -Paris (Aeroplane Remix Ft. Au Revoir Simone)
<-- Au Revoir Simone rules can't wait for their remix album

Little Comets - One Night In October <-- kind like if Vampire Weekend had Cockney accent's

Bear Hands - Golden
<-- reminds me of a more rockin Pedro The Lion or less spastic version of The Dismemberment Plan

Little Joy - Next Time Around
<-- I don't like The Strokes but their drummer Fabrizio Moretti is in this band and I like this

Joker's Daughter - Worm's Head
<--is the fresh folk sounds of Ms. Helena Costas who is collaborating with none other than Danger Mouse on this project

Pale Young Gentlemen - The Crook Of My Good Arm
<---thanks to Mel for the heads up on these guys, they are playing Tuesday @ The Matinee

Born Ruffians -Foxes Mate For Life <--- these guys are from Montreal, their sound is well balanced meal of intelligence, vocal harmonies, minimal production and indie rock energy

Her Space Holiday - Sleepy Tigers <--- In the past his stuff was electronic and dark, now he is switching directions and heading down the road of sweet jangle pop. change is good

Lukestar - Whiteshade <--From Olso Norway,you can call it post hardcore or maybe it is post rock pop, whatever it is I love their hooks

Hello Seahorse - Universo 2 <-- This quartet hail from Mexico. their music reminds me of a cross between Swedish Pop & a warm summer day. I miss the sun already. good thing we are going to Florida next week

The Soft Hands - Harbor <-- the vocals sound like Cold War Kids and these guys just like them are from Long Beach. These guys have a sound is jangular?( i know that is not a word) and at the same time nervous

Oxford Collapse - Electric Arc
<--- @ the bar last year in The Grog Shop, I stepped on the lead singer's foot. even when not drunk i am clumsy.

Wavves - So Bored
<--This kid is from San Diego, he has seen a lot of waves, he makes very catchy lo fi fuzzed out indie pop

Internet Forever - Break Bones
<-- enjoy some more fuzz and lo fi pop this time from the other side of the ocean in the U.K.

Chin Chin - GG and The Boys <----Bringing it to a close with some 70's style soul & funk...awww yea!


Alexa said...

i will now listen to the womanizer remix three times today.

Mel said...

I admit I'm kind of hooked on "Womanizer" right now. There is a a Dominik Von Werdt remix that I'm all over. I also really dig Born Ruffians -- especially "Foxes Mate..."

I cannot get CSS. I try -- have a few songs I deleted recently from the iPod -- but I think all their shit sucks. Even the remixes of the remixes. Their Lily Allen "Alfie" remix is just ok. Nothing worth keeping.

If Kelly wants an awesome drive song for the morning, Little Boots "Meddle (Designer Drugs 80s Coke Jam remix)" So awesome.

Are you guys getting out to Matinee tonight?

ben said...

Nice mix, man! Really lovin the Little Comets. It's just a little difficult to find some of these albums, though...