Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random Retro Wednesday Song: Set On You

This morning while Kelly was in the shower we were talking about about one of the songs I had posted on the mix I made her over the weekend. Somehow this led to Kelly singing a few bars of "I got my mind set on you."

I know this song was not originally performed by George Harrison but we both are much more familiar with his version than the original by James Ray. Kelly recalled how this is one of the first music videos she had ever seen. She would sneak and watch vh1/mtv when she was only about 6 -- this is before she was a little bit older and would sneak some peaks of skinamax (I think we all did this at some point before/during teenage years).

I always found this song to be great but the video was overly cheesy. The way the swords kind of dance in the background makes me think of the way the arms and legs dance in the background of the video for The Escape Club's hit Wild Wild West.

I mostly just associate this song with The Browns (almost) run to the Superbowl in 1987 -- perhaps others remember that Set On You was the team's unofficial theme song.

PS - Since we're speaking of The Browns (very sorry to hear about Joe J) and coincidentally playing Denver next week : even though The Broncos no longer have Elway (f*ck you, I hate you almost as much as Jordan) and also their uniforms now just look like a giant Reebok logo. I still hate them just as much as ever.


Kyle Roth said...

I remember this song as having two music videos (see the other). I do not remember the Browns adapting this song but "Bernie Bernie" will be etched into my memory forever.

Mel said...

Why am I now singing, "Bad, bad Cleveland Browns..." I'm sure you remember that one too LOL.

I was always creeped out by this video for some reason.

Erin said...

When this song came out when I was little, I thought he was singing "Sit on You". . .