Sunday, October 05, 2008

Beer and Wii-kend

Although Jose hates his job, he was actually rewarded for his hard work with something very unexpected. He won a Wii :)

Needless to say, this weekend we have been having quite a good time partaking in our new favorite past time -- we have been amused with everything from "designing" our Wii versions of ourselves to being told what our Wii fitness level is (Wii told Jose that he has the speed, strength, and stamina of a 57 year old - ouch). I destroy Jose in bowling while he kills me in tennis. We both kinda suck at golf and can barely hit the ball in baseball-- however, sometimes Jose lucks out and hits a random home run.

Throughout this particular Wii session, we are thoroughly enjoying the flavors of Goose Island's Harvest Ale (thank you, Erin and Todd!). We were given this 6-pack in exchange for our dog sitting services -- yes, we can be bought that easily. As a matter of fact, we can be bribed to do just about anything in exchange for alcohol ;)

Speaking of good beers, we went to an Oktoberfest Beer & Wine Tasting on Friday where we especially loved the Brooklyn Local 1 Ale (buying a bottle immediately after the tasting), as well as the Post Road Pumpkin Ale and Sam Adams Octoberfest. If you have any good seasonal beer recommendations, definitely let us know*

[Mp3] MGMT - Weekend Wars Nice and catchy like all their other songs
[Mp3] Miguel Mendez - Drinking Beers A favorite from a few years ago

Just Because:
[Mp3] Kings of Leon - Sex On Fire An awesome song that you need to listen to if you haven't already


taawd said...

i love checking out your song suggestions. i just watched a concert with the kings of leon and i like their stuff. i can't wait to give this song a listen.

here's one for you, i don't know where your musical preferences lie but you may enjoy Jamie Lidell - "Another Day". it's a poppy, upbeat song that i can't get out of my head.

let's do a brew sometime soon!

Brad said...

I picked up a single GI Harvest today at Heinen's that I am very looking forward to trying. I bought a Brooklyn Local 1 the other week that I have managed to resist opening so far.

My only seasonal recommendation at the moment is the Paulaner Oktoberfest. I like Great Lakes one, but this is better in my opinion. And I'm a big Nosferatu fan.

matt said...

dude and dudette - I love me some Wii Sports. My good friends Amy and Josh got me addicted to that...and I don't have a Wii, but I often think about getting one..

Mel said...

Sounds as if someone needs to have a Wii party!

BTW, "Sex on Fire" and "I Want You" have been listened to back-to-back for a week. Freakin love Kings of Leon!

BloggingJason said...

Damn, "Sex on Fire" is a song on fire. Long live dirty Rock 'n' Roll!

As for seasonals, I'm not usually a fan of pumpkin beers, but the DogFish Head Punkin' Ale is pretty good, and my favorites out of the gazillion "Oktoberfest" beers are the Bell's and the Harpoon.

Stephanie said...

Hey - fun prize!

I recommend Dr. Mario for Wii - old school fun.

Urban Miracles said...

Save some pumpkin ale for me!!!!

CB said...

Wii-kend. That's funny.

I dig the Kings of Leon selection. They've been a favorite of mine for a while, since I accidentally discovered them at the ACL fest a few years back. I'm super excited that, when I go to Boston in a few weeks they'll be playing a show there ... which I'll be front and center for.

Kelly and José said...

Taawd - Thank you for the Jamie Lidell recommendation, we've heard good things. And, a brew is definitely in order in the very near future.

Brad - Although we enjoy it, from our experience Nosfuratu = Hangover. We also are fond of the Paulaner and The Great Lakes one has grown on us. Let us know your thoughts on the Brooklyn Local 1. Speaking of beers, we need to hit up The North End with you.

Jason - We definitely need to try the Bell's and the Harpoon. As far as the DogFish Head Punkin' Ale, it's unfortunately the only beer we've had from them we didn't like -- but perhaps we'll give it another go.

Stephanie - Kelly is super excited at the thought of playing Dr. Mario on Wii, it's one of her all-time favorites.

UM - We'll be sure to have some pumpkin ale waiting for you in a few weeks, as well as some pumpkin roll :)

CB - Kelly loves to point out that she saw KOL for a mere 87 cents at a WOXY sponsored show in Oxford, OH over five years ago. But that story pales in comparison to the time she hung out and played pool with Interpol. . .luck be a lady

Kelly and José said...

Matt and Mel :)

Definitely would love to have a Wii party, it would be the perfect excuse to get a fancy TV (we still don't have a flat screen or HD, ha).

Also, we've been really impressed with how solid the new KOL album is while listened to in its entirety -- it has a great flow. And, we completely agree with I Want You being a standout track*