Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Random Retro Wednesday Song: Green Mind

This past weekend, I was at my parent's home going through some boxes of stuff from high school. In one box there was every Scene, Free Times (RIP), U.S. Rocker, etc. that I saved from throughout that period of time.

While sifting through these boxes, I happened to notice on the cover of one of the issues of an old Scene was DINK. I am sure there are some of you old enough that remember those crazy kids from Kent. For this week's Random Retro Wednesday Song, I am choosing Dink's Green Mind. I used to love this song not only because they were from North East Ohio -- but because they were industrial, the track was damn catchy, and the fact that they had that Bob Serpentini soundbite at the beginning of the song. I remember Pat The Prodcucer always talking them up back on his show Inner Sanctum. I also remember how in college when I became Music Director, I saw in our vault that we had their first album on vinyl and I snatched that sucker.


taawd said...

is everyone reminiscing over their past?

my post is all about going back to the memories too!

i love ashland. the food was good but you actually get sick of it just like every other college campus.

taawd said...

btw, i always love your music picks. i'm a music buff but more mainstream and i'm trying to expand a little.

good stuff tho!

Narm said...

I always think I am so cool and indie and you always bust out things I have never even heard of.

Sensory Overload - 1
Narm - 0

BloggingJason said...

Narm, it's because you're 17.

Dink was the shit back in the day....

matt said...

You guys are three for three with me!!!

This song was of course a huge favorite of mine - The End played a lot of cool local stuff in regular rotation at the time - stuff like this, and some of my other favorites were Slackjaw's I Could Crack Anytime, and later, Red Sunsets by The Jehova Waitresses.

It's great that you mentioned Pat - he'll get a kick out of this post.

I just got him a replacement copy of the Dink CD earlier this year to replace the many copies of his own that he had given away over the years, doing his part to turn people on to Dink's music!!

Great post, as always!!

matt said...

PS - if you're ever going to junk those old mags, let me know - I love reading stuff like that..

If Scene ever put out a DVD set (like Rolling Stone did) of all of their magazines from the beginning, to the mid-90s, I would be all over it in a heartbeat!!

Brian said...

DINK. Wow, I have not listened to them in forever. An Ohio fav back in the day. Props for bringing up I have to go find their CD in a box of my stuff!

I too have boxes of old Scenes, US Rockers, Free Times, and other various free publications I grabbed while hanging on Coventry.

Kelly and José said...

Taawd - Reminiscing has definitely been a recurring theme of late. And, we're happy to hear that you enjoy our music picks*

Narm - Thank you for the compliment, but we're sure you can even the score :)

Jason - Haha, your comment was fucking choice.

Matt - We really appreciate all of your kind words and glad that you appreciate our nostalgia trips.

I (Jose) remember Slackjaw and other local bands I enjoyed from that time are Sons of Elvis (of course), The Frans, Fifth Wheel, World In A Room, etc.

ps - As far as Scene putting together a dvd, that is a great idea, wish they would do that, and would be all over it as well.

Brian - Nice to see that you are also on the same wavelength.

Mel said...

So, I was screwing around on wikipedia (love it) and came across this snippet. And WOW, the list of local bands totally brought back some early Cleveland music memories:

Williams joined Cleveland rock band Asbestos Twyst, who later became the first high-school rock band ever to play inside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

According to Cleveland Scene, "Local band extravaganzas don't get much bigger than Friday, July 30's daylong show at the Agora Ballroom. Asbestos Twyst's bassist Lance Williams organized the show, which benefits the Bellflower Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse. Among the performers: Boodah's Toothbrush, Mike Farley, Mr. Tibbs, Fifth Wheel, Girth, Hostile Omish, Ivet, Pepper McGowan, Qwasi Qwa, Rosavelt, Sax-o-Tromba, Second Half, Strip, Switch 56, and Uncle No."

Ken said...

Don't forget this video was on Beavis and Butthead! Bob Serpentini got Beavis fired up about America.

Kelly and José said...

Mel - Looking over that list, I (Jose) am familiar with more than half those bands. Sax-o-tromba is a running joke between Kelly and I.

Ken - I was actually just telling Kelly about that clip the other day :)

Anonymous said...

what is the joke about Sax-O-Tromba? Man, I must have seen them in concert every time til the end. and at the final concert, my little brother and I were the ones screaming to have them play "walking on sunshine" and then they did. and it was awsome!!
I would love to get a recording of that last show. or just to see them play again.