Saturday, September 13, 2008

Top 5 Songs Of The Week (Why are we up so early on a Saturday morning Edition)

Marisa (José's sister) - Junot Díaz - José (being the whitest Puerto Rican ever)

On Thursday we had a great night. It started with wine and sushi in a crowd buzzing with energy at The Cleveland Playhouse. We savored everything our senses were taking in but didn't waste any time making our way over to the book signing where we would have the chance to interface with Junot Díaz. We had no idea what to expect upon meeting him, however he couldn't have been nicer. These days it's not often that we go out for drinks on a "school" night -- but, in this case we made an exception because we had the unique opportunity to be in the company of Junot Díaz.

Our evening was spent at Bar Cento (we had to get some pommes frites!) and then we headed over to Touch to see our boy Good Life Mike. And speaking of Touch, tonight they're having their Anniversary Party. So, Happy Anniversary Touch! We love you. There is a great lineup of local DJ's spinning with misterbradleyp and Jugoe. If you go early and RSVP, they will be popping the Moët et Chandon in celebration.

Now for the tunes:

5. (mp3) Deerhunter - Little Kids This Atlanta based fivesome (not to be confused with Deerhoof) are coming back to the Grog on 11/14 where C-bus's own Times New Viking will also be on the bill.

4. (mp3) James Yuil -This Sweet Love At first I (José) thought it reminded me of Sufjan meets Postal Service but Kelly said Jose Gonzalez and I could not agree more.

3. (mp3) Carlon - Cantaloupe Music with traces of Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, My Morning Jacket and Tulsa seem to be rather plentiful these days. Here is another one. A good track to start a rainy Saturday like this one. We think you'll enjoy this Ben ;)

2. (mp3) A - Trak - Say Whoa He's Kanye's DJ and besides that he has his own sweet label Fools Gold. He has done a bunch of sweet remixes (including one for Nike) and is coming to town this month on the 25th @ The HOB w/Santogold, and Low vs Diamond.

1. (mp3) Chairlift - Bruises This is the super catchy song from the brand new iPod Nano commercial. This Brooklyn based band is going to be touring this fall with Yeasayer (no date for C-town, the closest is Ann Arbor on 26th of October). The vocals on the track remind us of a combination of Victoria Bergsman (who used to be in The Concretes) and Regina Spektor. We love the 80's influence that resonates throughout this trio's sound.


CB said...

Sounds like a good day. And thanks for the Carlon and Chairslift tracks - I like the description of the former and the singer on the latter. I totally want to marry Victoria Bergsman's vocal chords. (Should I be ashamed of admitting that?)

taawd said...

thanks for the chairlift song suggestion.

sounds so retro 80's new wave with the instrumental backing. i felt like i needed to get my parachute pants out from the back of my closet somewhere and unzip all of the zippers then watch ferris bueller.

i'm off this entire week, let's get a bunch of people together for a mid-week drink!

Kelly and José said...

CB - We too adore Victoria Bergsman's vocals (no shame in that), and the latest Concretes album clearly suffered as a result of her leaving the band.

Taawd - As far as your parachute pants, what color are they?? Did you rock them with some Roos? Meeting up this week would be cool -- although, we'll definitely be at the Blues & Brews Event this Saturday where hopefully everyone will be able to meet up*

matt said...

I'm up for shenanigans - name the time and place.

Alexa said...

um pomme frites and touch sound fabulous. i think im friends and i are going to hit this months i got five on it old school hip hop night next weekend.

i can't wait!

Mel said...

Missed you at Touch by one night, as I checked out the anniversary party Saturday night.

Maybe a good thing, as I probably would have not remembered you, if we met LOL

Excited for cocktails!

Kelly and José said...

Matt - Blues & Brews this Saturday, 4:30pm-ish, at Whiskey Island :)

Alexa - That is very cool about "Got Five On It", although the last couple times we have been, it seems packed slightly beyond capacity. Regardless, it will be a great time*

Mel - Haha, I (Kelly) know the feeling all too well! We're excited for cocktails too!!

Rebecca said...

Rebecca - Love your blog! My fav of this week's music selection is Bruises. Do you guys think it sounds similar to Feist??

Kelly and José said...

Hi Rebecca! :) So happy to hear you enjoy the blog and "Bruises" -- there are some definite similarities between Feist and Chairlift. We had a great time Sunday night and are looking fwd to seeing you guys Saturday!