Saturday, September 06, 2008

Top 5 Songs Of The Week (Cover and Remix Edition)

Before we get out and start our day (the sun seems to be trying to come out), we wanted to post our Top Five Songs of the Week real quick :)

While browsing songs we have been enjoying throughout the past week, we realized our current favorites all happen to be covers or remixes. One of which is making us thirsty for a good drink -- although neither of us have actually had a "Brandy Alexander" it definitely sounds like something we'd love [see recipe].

And, here you have it. . .

5. [Mp3] Ron Sexsmith - Brandy Alexander (Feist cover)

Bonus: [Mp3] Feist - Brandy Alexander (original)

Just Because: [Mp3] The Walkmen - Brandy Alexander (No relation to the others)

4. [Mp3] Vampire Weekend - Exit Music For A Film (Radiohead cover)

3. [Mp3] Gemma Hayes - Out Of Our Hands (Feat. Kevin Shields)

Note: Not exactly a cover or a remix, but we decided it needed to be in our Top Five anyhow*

2. [Mp3] The Kooks - Kids (MGMT cover)

1. [Mp3] Tokyo Police Club - Juno (Ra Ra Riot/Andrew Maury Remix)

ps - Has anyone purused the snack isle at Whole Foods eying and/or purchasing chips by the brand FoodShouldTasteGood?? Well, we are big fans, having enjoyed their Jalapeno, Sweet Potato, Chocolate, and today devouring The Works. Not only is every variety we've tried delicious, they're also "good" for you: no trans fat, no cholesterol, no gmo ingredients, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, low sodium, and a good source of dietary fiber.

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