Monday, September 10, 2007

Osheaga Day 2

Sadly now Osheaga is over, however it was a real blast. Yesterday, before the show we walked about town and visited a few boutiques including: Preloved. Kelly had wanted to go there ever since she was exposed to it via Refinery 29. The staff were very friendly and helpful so we wanted to make a special shout out to them, including the nice girl who helped us in the store and then later said "hello" inbetween sets @ Osheaga.

Onto the music, yesterday after 3 years of waiting. . .we finally had the opportunity to see Bloc Party -- they have never come to C-town but it was well worth the wait. Other performances of note were MIA (that shit was off the chain!), Gotan Project (great French group who combine Argentine tango music with electronica), Harvee (these guys sent us their record last year and we feel bad that we never wrote about them b/c they were so awesome), Pony Up! (they didn't play their song we love by them, Matthew Modine, but they were still good), Au Revoir Simone (even though we only go to see a few songs, they sounded fabulous), Artic Monkeys (our first time seeing these bloakes -- not our speed, but quite good), and You Say Party! We Say Die! (were very fun and soo much energy!). Last, but certainly not least, IT DID NOT RAIN AT ALL!!! :)

Bon Appetite!

Where we had our delicious lunch

Au revior Simone

Pony Up!

mmm corn!

MIA that sh*t was BANANAS!


Donnie Darko?

For now, we are going to get out and enjoy our last day here via shopping and eating some more good food ;)

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