Saturday, September 01, 2007

Top 5 Songs: Get Outside and Enjoy*

Today is way too nice to be inside because here in c-town it is 75 degrees, sunny, and not a cloud in the sky. We are just about to getting going soon as we head out and enjoy this beautiful weather but here are some tunes to help you appreciate this day. And later on, if you are looking for the beautiful people this evening -- they are going to be @ Touch because that is where it is going DOWN!!!

Hope you enjoy The Top Five Songs of the Week and have a wonderful Saturday*

5. (mp3) The Flaming Lips - W.A.N.D. This is their song from their album, At War With the Mystics, and the most recent Dell commercial. If it hasn't been yet, download the song because it's about time for you to have it stuck in your head just like it has been stuck in ours.

4. (mp3) Walter Meego - Through A Keyhole These Chicago cats are opening for VHS Or Beta tomorrow @ The Grog Shop. They mesh techno, funk and electro music into a blend that makes you want to dance.

3. (mp3) New Pornographers - Challengers This is Kelly's favorite track on their new album of the same name. Kelly says that this song has the innate power to make you stop whatever you're doing and listen to the beauty of Neko Case's voice.

2. (mp3) Montag - Mechanical Kids We just saw him open for The One AM Radio this week and really enjoyed his performance -- definitely catch this tour if it comes to your town. He is kind of like Postal Service with Sufjan on vocals.

1. (mp3) The Pipettes - Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me Their North American Fall Tour Dates were just announced this week and on OCTOBER 4TH they are coming to The Beachland Tavern. When Kelly found this out she just about jumped out of her skin with joy :)


Mike said...

thanks for the love!

Doug N said...

Liz is dragging me to Subterranean to see Meego and VHS tomorrow. Should be good times. I am stuck on Love Like Fire for the moment. WOXY is promoting them. Oh, and thanks for the love, too.