Thursday, September 06, 2007

T-minus 24 hours til Montréal!!

Tomorrow at this time we will be in Montréal, CA. As of now, we are packing while watching Killing Zoe with Eric Stoltz and Julie Delpy. Speaking of films and Ms. Delpy -- this past Saturday, we had the pleasure of taking in her most recent film (which she directed, produced, and starred in) with Adam Goldberg: Two Days in Paris. We definitely recommend you do the same and check it out if it's being shown near you. And, while we are on the topic of The French and Film. . .in Montréal we are going to attend the Osheaga Music and Art Festival (see Kelly's previous post) and some of the things we are looking fwd to experiencing are: the Daft Punk film Electrorama, the bands (Feist, Damien Rice, Pony Up!, Explosions in The Sky, MIA, Bloc Party, etc etc) and, last but certainly not least, The VICE Magazine Corn Roast!!

Au revoir*

Bonus: Check out the preview for Daft Punk's Film, Electrorama (we'll let you know how it turns out!)

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