Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Be a Woman. Be a Fan.

On Sunday while we watching the Browns unbelievable win over the Bengals we kept on seeing this Reebok commercial below. We both think it is a great commercial and it is very encouraging to see the NFL looking to sell merchandise to women, since it is an under appreciated and untaped demographic of football fan.

Speaking of commercials we also heard/saw these songs a lot this weekend while watching the game

(mp3) Hum - Stars this is the song at the end of the new Cadillac ads.It shocked the hell out of us to hear this song because this was one of his Jose's favorite songs when he was a junior in High School.

(mp3) ELO - Hold On Tight this is the song in the new Honda ads. We both were clueless as to who sang this song. Kelly thought maybe it was Of Montreal but I did not have any better ideas. Kelly claims she used to listen to ELO's greatest hits as a child but I am skeptical.

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