Sunday, September 23, 2007

Top 5 Songs Of The Week (First Day of Fall Edition )

Fall has arrived here in C-town, and like much of the Midwest that means a return to cooler temperatures and the sights and smell of the beautiful foliage. Lucky for us, looks like it is going to be a good start to fall with the temperature near 80. That being said it is a great day for football or baseball. We are hoping to see The Browns win again (they have not won two in a row in who know's how long?) and The Tribe clinch the 2007 Central Division title today (first time since 2001 they will be going back to the playoffs!).

5. (mp3) Innerpartysystem - Don't Stop These guys are on the Stolen Tranmission Label which was started by Ultragrrrl, they are kind of more a guilty pleasure sounding like a cross between a pissed off electro/rock version of The Killers meets The All American Rejects.

4. (mp3) Tiny Masters of Today - Hey Mr. DJ (CSS Remix) This duo of teenage sisters from Brooklyn who play lo-fi indie rock are the hottest thing these days opening for the likes of The Yeah Yeah Yeah's and getting signed to Mute Records.

3. (mp3) The Valley Arena - Kick at The Ceiling These Guys hail from Long Beach, California but sound like they should be from D.C. because their music brings to mind an awesome combination of Fugazi meets and Jawbox but with sexier basslines.

2. (mp3) The Hussy's - Rock Steady This group comprised of British girls, sounds like a cross between The Donna's and The Police (because of the dub bassline)

1. (mp3) 1900's - When I say Go This Chicago based band not to be confused with The Scottish band The 1990's make pretty twee pop in the vein of Camera Obscura and Belle & Sebastian

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