Monday, January 16, 2006

Walk the Line

Just because we're thrilled that Walk the Line received the recognition it deserves at the Golden Globes this evening, with both Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon winning for their performances. . .

Who would have thought that Reese and Joaquin would make it as far as they have, especially upon our first impression of each -- respectively, in Fear and To Die For. . .well, Jose remembers Joaquin from Russkies, but that is just b/c he is old ;)

In honor of The Man in Black:

Johnny Cash - Walk the Line (Live at San Quentin)

Joaquin Phoenix - Walk the Line

To find the results of other Golden Globe winners click here.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but Fear was a seriously good movie.

SnogAsh said...

I'm glad they got their dues as well. In other GG news, I really wish Michelle Williams had one for her role in Brokeback Mountain. I'm sure Rachel Weisz or however her name is spelled was very good in her movie, but frickin Michelle Williams went from DAWSON'S CREEK to Brokeback. That's a looooooong distance to travel.

Kristi Joy said...

you lucky, lucky bitch! Post pictures and sound clips and anything else you happen to have available tomorrow of the WAS show tonight. Thanks for your email this weekend by the way, sorry I didn't reply but I'm definitely going to grab that soundtrack.
Have fun guys!

SnogAsh said...

I usually hang at Edison's or Prosperity, but I've never been to 806, so I'd be done for some of that action. My friend's band, Buffalino, are playing the Grog Shop tonight. They are awesome live, if you get the chance to come you should. :)

Eric said...

Hope the show was good last night. I'm looking forward to hearing your submissions for the wife's mix!