Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Top 5 songs of last week (sorry we've been busy)

As of late there has just not been any time to work on the blog but today that is not the case. So here is a long over due Top 5 post.

5. Superdrag - Doctors are Dead Superdrag are back!! well sort of... this song is from their new b-sides record, I used to love these guys back in the day.

4. Shapes and Sizes - Alone/Alive this Canadian quartet makes unique sounding pop with great guitar riffs that brings to mind the sounds of Elephant 6 and Deerhoof.

3. Shit Disco - Reactor Party These Scots are making indie/punk/funk/new rave music that everyone is talking about these days. We are in that camp, as we too are feelin them.

2. Matt Lutz - Took Me a While We got this great single last week and we can't stop listening to it, this song is a great piece of indie pop. Matt is the lead singer of the San Francisco band The Herms. We will post about him some more very soon.

1. Built to Spill - You Were Right We are sooo excited that they are going to be playing The Grog on July 2nd. We also love this song from their awesome album "Keep it like a secret"

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