Saturday, April 14, 2007

Top 5 Songs of The Week (Lazy Saturday)

I've felt totally uninspired and totally distracted by the Tribe game while trying to write this post but we got some good songs for you this week. I also want to bring to your attention two great events going down tonight. Here is what is good for you C-town:

1. Bears are having their CD release show @ The Beachland for their new EP called "Shortest Day of the year". This is their first show back in town since their recent March/SXSW tour. Show starts @ 9pm the cost is $5 and the openers are His Hideous Heart (from c-town) and Southeast Engine (from Athens, Ohio)

2. Party Too? @ Touch Supper Club tonight @ 10pm come out and see three rooms of the best DJs spinning House, Electro, Rap, and whatevs. Our boy Good Life Mike goes on 1st. We missed the last one because we were out of town but we won't be missing this one because it is sure to be a PARTY!

and now on to the music...

5. (mp3) The Icicles - La Tia Da this quintet from Grand Rapids, Michigan makes beautiful indie pop in the vein of Camera Obsecura. You can catch them on tour this spring with Casper and The Cookies coming to The Beachland on May 2nd.

4. (mp3) Coyote Bones - 39 Forever This duo enlisted some serious help on their debut record with Saddle Creek's finest : Maria Tayor, members from Bright Eyes, The Good Life, The Faint, Desparacidos and Tilly and Wall all lending their talents. The result is a sound that takes 8o's sounding synths and combines them with accoustic guitars to create some great indie pop.

3. (mp3) Gold Rush - Everyone Of Us They hail from Oxford, England. This song is from their 3rd long player called " The Heart is a place" it brings to mind the sounds of Wilco, Grandaddy and The Flaming lips mashed beautifully together

2. (mp3) Reverie Sound Revue - An Anniversary Away (demo) this unsigned band from all over Canada features Lisa Lobsinger who also has sung in Broken Social Scene as a member. They make fun, jazzy, electro pop. Check out this great video for the track we are featuring here.

1. (mp3) Idlewild - Love Steals Us From Loneliness (accoustic) just beautiful :)

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