Friday, April 13, 2007

Harrison Bergeron

Yesterday I was saddened to hear @ the passing of Mr. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. I learned that earlier this year he fell and suffered a brain injury and as a result he was never the same. He along with J.D. Salinger were (and still are) two of favorite authors. Kurt Vonnegut's short story "Harrison Bergeron" is one of my favorite stories ever. If you have never read Harrison Bergeron I advise you to do so and you can do so here. It is a short story where the goverment punishes anyone for individualism becauase they want to have a world wide society of equality. Read here to see what Mr. Vonnegut himself has to say about the story. I first read this story back in 7th grade and it has left such a lasting impresion that it still resonates within me today. Here is a site that shows the impact that Kurt Vonnegut had on pop culture, bands etc.

Back in 1995 Showtime adapted Harrison Bergeron into a film featuring Sean Austin as Harrison Bergeron. Check out the youtube clip below from the movie.

And one can't forget the great Snapcase song Harrison Bergeron back in college when I used to listen to Snapcase. I used to play this song often when I was on the air during my shifts @ WMCO.

(mp3 ) Snapcase - Harrison Bergeron


Anonymous said...

Greatest Vonnegut story by far. Moon Glompers is alive and very well.

Great tie in between it and the Imus controversy is at, called "Kurt Vonnegut is Dead; Long Live the Handicapper General."

Anonymous said...

Is that Howie Mandel?