Friday, October 27, 2006

Wine with Coffee and Cigarettes

Earlier this evening was spent at a Wine Tasting featuring Hanzell Vineyards, hosted by the always fabulous Union Club -- we will definitely be sharing our review within the weekend.

Upon our return, we chose a low key Red Guitar Tempranillo to sip while watching one of our favorite films, Coffee and Cigarattes. This wine is perfectly balanced -- a subtle blackberry flavor with a little spice. Important to us, is the fact that this Tempranillo is low on the tannins. Perhaps a little unconventional, but we are pairing this wine with veggies and Amir's hot jalapeno hummus as well as our typical red grapes and baby gouda cheese. Also slightly unconventional, is the fact that we are drinking this red wine in Riedel white wine glasses -- does it truly make that much of a difference? Either way, whether pairing with spicy foods or in "incorrect" glasses, we think that Red Guitar's Tempranillo tastes great (especially for a very reasonable $11.99).


George Nemeth said...

Love that movie.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you posted the fact that you drank red wine out white wine glasses! *gasping for air* You two are funny. Sometimes I drink wine out of a plastic cup but let's keep that between you and me. ;) guess who.